Separation, cancellations, erratic stage behavior: Eduin Caz has had a pretty bad 2023 so far

The controversies faced by Eduin Caz alarmed his fans, as some consider that the excesses in his life are putting his career at risk.

A rising tide of concern for Grupo Firme, the regional Mexican group, is surging on social media. The group’s recent missteps during live performances have fans questioning their future. A video featuring Eduin Caz, a member of the group, sobbing in the rain, has amplified the alarm bells.

The younger brother of Jhonny Caz, Eduin, posted several clips on Instagram with the caption “And if I fall down, I get up again. See you Tuesday, July 18 in El Salvador. Puro Grupo Firme.” The posts have incited a flurry of questions from his fans. The video was shared after the band’s performance, featuring hits like En Tu Perra Vida, Qué Onda Perdida, and El Tóxico, had to be cancelled.

Eduin Caz, now in the eye of a social media storm, has recently come under scrutiny for faking an orgasm during a live concert. This act stirred discomfort among the crowd, and rather than being taken lightly, it led to calls for the band’s disbandment.

Eduin Caz is in the “eye of the hurricane”

Daisy Anahy’s former husband, Eduin Caz, has faced a torrent of online criticism for his onstage antics. The incident first became viral after attendees at the concert shared it on social media.

Ironically, the Banda Fenómeno Instagram account attempted to lighten the situation by re-sharing the controversial video, hoping it might be viewed as a humorous episode for their millions of followers. Instead, it triggered a backlash, with fans demanding a return to the group’s roots and a halt to their new image, lest they face the threat of being ignored.

In the video, you can hear the intro “Cuando ya llevan media hora de puros besos,” as it showcases Eduin Caz on the floor, simulating an orgasm and performing his signature “sensual” dance, widely criticized as “grotesque.” He was quoted saying, “I bring a pinch* orgasm here in my body a la verg*. Even my body shivers at the thought of it.”

2023: a bad year for Eduin Caz’s career and life?

Could 2023 be a downturn for Eduin Caz’s career and personal life? The year has been fraught with controversies and relentless criticism of the singer. His recent change in appearance has drawn further condemnation, with comparisons being drawn to the contentious rapper 6ix9ine.

Eduin Caz has rebuffed critics who suggest that Grupo Firme is in decline (Photo: Instagram).

Caz defended himself from criticism pointing to an alleged decline of Grupo Firme (Photo: Instagram).
Caz defended himself from critics who point to an alleged decline of Grupo Firme (Photo: Instagram).