Serena Williams falls at the US Open against Ajla Tomljanović and ends a glorious sports career

Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images

the legendary tennis player Serena Williams fell tonight at the US Open against Australian Ajla Tomljanović with partials of 5-7, 7-6 and 6-1. In this way the youngest of the Williams says goodbye to the tournament to put an end to one of the most glorious sports careers in history.

The Australian and number 46 in the world prevailed by a close score of 7-5 in the first set against the six-time US Open winner. The second set did not escape suffering after Tomljanovic recovered from a 4-0 deficit. Everything had to be defined in the tie break, and the historic American tennis player won 7-6.

The drama of the third set was worthy of a thrillerSerena Williams did not want to leave and pushed the Australian tennis player to the limit who could barely close the game after her sixth match point.

The words of Serena Williams

Between tears, Serena thanked her parents and all those who have accompanied her for decades. “It all started with my parents and they deserve everything. These are tears of happiness,” she asserted.

He also had words for his sister Venus: “There would be no Serena without Venus“, said. He thanked for a career that he classified as historic thanks to the long journey that he lived in tennis. At almost 41 years old, she was asked if she would reconsider her retirement, to which she replied that you never know what her fate will hold.

Ajla Tomljanovic’s moment

For her part, the Australian Ajla Tomljanović said she felt bad about the love she felt for Serena, as well as her fans. “I just thought I was going to win, the pressure was not on me, she is Serena and until the last point I knew that I could raise the score. She is the greatest of all time,” she claimed.

This is perhaps the most important victory in the career of the Australian tennis player who ended up winning the match in history, where she beat an athlete in every sense of the word and who is considered by many to be the best tennis player of all time. Serena Williams will always be the one who changed the course of women’s tennis, a sport that she will always have among the legends.

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