Sergio Agüero returned to give information about his current state of health

Photo: LLUIS GENE / AFP / Getty Images

Sergio Aguero, had to put an end to his career as a professional soccer player due to heart problems and at only 33 years old. Now, the Argentine is dedicating himself to carrying out broadcasts on the Twitch platform and playing video games to be able to interact even more with the majority of his followers and friends.

In one of those broadcasts, the “Kun Aguero” He related some activities that he has carried out after retiring from world football and also gave information about his current state of health regarding his heart problems.

“I play soccer-tennis and I drown. Sometimes I think if I can run a sprint at leastyes I feel that my heart is going to the stick“Sergio Aguero pointed out.

Despite not being able to be in the field, the Argentine has chosen to joke with his followers via Twitch and on several occasions has reiterated that he is the new Iro Man because he has a chip on his chest like the world’s superhero Marvel.

I better sit here, streaming, calm. Just in case, you saw”finished the Argentine.

In this way, the world is adapting to the new role of the Argentine in his life and another positive point is that “The Kun” is enjoying his followers on this platform and thus get all the support to continue taking care of his heart.

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