Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez and Luis Miguel bond over cars and music in Madrid

The shared passions and candid moments of this unexpected duo - Mexico's beloved singer and its leading F1 racer.

Mexican driver Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez has become close friends with singer Luis Miguel, and on more than one occasion, they have been seen together sharing special moments.

During the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix, both agreed to meet in Madrid, taking advantage of the fact that the ‘Sun of Mexico’ would make his first public appearance with his girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas.

Of this last meeting between the singer and the pilot, a photograph of the two went viral on social networks, in which they can be seen sharing a room.

The friendship between the two Mexicans has been noticeable, as every time they have a space in their schedules, they organize to meet.

It is estimated that the friendship between the two dates back to 2018 when the first photos circulated of the two sharing with much affection and trust.

It is worth noting that Luis Miguel is a fan of cars and ‘Checo’ P√©rez of Mexican music, so they make a perfect duo.

In the Spanish Grand Prix, ‘Checo’ Perez did not make it to the podium but finished in fourth place.

This allowed him to maintain second place in Formula 1 drivers’ standings. He was surpassed only by his teammate Max Verstappen.