Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez’s 250th Grand Prix race coincides with a McDonald’s menu crafted to his taste

Sergio 'Checo' Pérez marks the 250th race; McDonald's introduces a special menu inspired by the Formula 1 driver's tastes.

As Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez, the charismatic Mexican Formula 1 driver, prepares to race in his 250th Grand Prix, the anticipation is not just about the tracks. Pérez’s journey in the fast lane has not only been about burning rubber. Over the years, he has successfully sped into the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts, firmly establishing himself as a national icon.

With his unmatched skills on the racing circuits and undeniable charm, Pérez’s rise to prominence has been meteoric. This popularity surge is evident from the myriad of promotions and merchandise that sport his image. And now, as he stands on the cusp of a significant career milestone, brands are keen to align themselves with the racing star.

Checo Perez smiles as he shares his enthusiasm for McDonald's Checo Perez Menu (@checolover111)
Checo Perez smiles as he shares his enthusiasm for McDonald’s Checo Perez Menu (@checolover111)

From the racetrack to fast food

One such notable collaboration comes from the global fast-food giant McDonald’s. They’ve introduced a special ‘Checo Menu’ inspired by the Red Bull driver’s tastes. The combo is priced at 119 Mexican pesos and includes a Big Mac, extra fries, and a soft drink. It’s a combination tailored to mirror the driver’s preferences and is expected to resonate with Formula 1 fans and fast-food enthusiasts.

Pérez, never one to shy away from the spotlight, has actively promoted this unique offering. He’s front and center in the commercial, relishing his ‘Checo Menu’ amidst the hustle and bustle of Mexico City. His genuine enjoyment is evident as he remarks, “Just as I love it, I’m sure all of Mexico will love my McDonald’s Menu.”

McDonald's celebrates Checo Perez's milestone with a special combo inspired by his passion for fast food (@mer_Gb)
McDonald’s celebrates Checo Perez’s milestone with a special combo inspired by his passion for fast food (@mer_Gb)

Gearing up for the Mexican Grand Prix

This special combo unveils perfectly timed as Mexico gears up for the highly anticipated Mexican Grand Prix slated for October 29th. It’s not just about the burger or the race; it’s about the pride and joy that Pérez brings to his fellow Mexicans. As he continues to blaze trails in motorsport, he remains a beacon of inspiration and national celebration.

This McDonald’s initiative is a testament to Pérez’s influence, aiming to galvanize continued support for the driver as he heads into the season’s climax, especially during the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix.