Sergio ‘El Yey,’ suspected CJNG lieutenant, captured in Guanajuato along with three accomplices

Dramatic raids in Guanajuato dismantle CJNG's operations, seizing contraband and capturing suspected lieutenant 'El Yey' and his crew.

A man identified as Sergio “N,” alias El Yey was captured in Guanajuato. He has been identified as a suspected Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) criminal group lieutenant. His accomplices were also arrested.

Their capture resulted from several operations carried out in four neighborhoods in Guanajuato that resulted in the seizure of drug doses, weapons, magazines, cartridges, and communication equipment. A total of four individuals were arrested.

In addition, El Yey has an arrest warrant for the crime of aggravated homicide committed against José Alejandro “N.” Sergio “N” was captured by agents of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) in the San Antonio neighborhood. Objects of crime” and doses of crystal meth were also found at the scene.

Efectivos de la AIC capturaron a "El Yey"
(Foto: archivo/Ilustrativa)
AIC agents captured “El Yey” (Photo: File)

Simultaneously and in the same neighborhood, there was a search in another property where José Juan “N” was arrested. At the site, there were also marijuana plants, green and dried grass, and wrappers of a granulated substance.

The authorities also found a vehicle, drug doses, and Diazepam strips in another property in the Alamos neighborhood. In contrast, in another house, they found doses of possible cocaine and even a telescopic sight for a long gun, checks, and other objects.

Meanwhile, Guanajuato State Public Security Forces (FSPE) members cooperated in arresting two other armed individuals caught by the authorities while conducting surveillance work near a Toyota pickup truck.

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Las autoridades informaron de la captura de los sujetos a través de redes sociales
(Foto: Twitter/@FGEGUANAJUATO)
Authorities reported the capture of the subjects through social networks (Photo: Twitter/@FGEGUANAJUATO).

The men were identified as Edgar “N,” 34, with an address in San Ramón and Dante “N,” 24, originally from Celaya. “When they were detained, the weapons, seven magazines, hundreds of useful cartridges, five cell phones, and different wrappers with hundreds of plastic bags containing marijuana, crystal meth, and cocaine were seized,” the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on June 7.

In the image shared by the authorities, they could see the secured weapons, car plates, doses of suspected drugs, and cartridges. While Dante “N” is identified by the alias El Güero, Edgar “N” El Pelón, and José Juan “N” El Negado. It is worth noting that El Yey was identified as the alleged leader of the criminal group led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes in newspaper reports.

The alleged leader of Los Mezcales fell in Michoacán

His arrest was confirmed by the governor of Colima, Indira Vizcaino Silva, who said that the capture was carried out by members of the Mexican Secretariat of the Navy and elements of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office of the entity. “He is identified with the criminal group Los Mezcales,” said the governor.

“Today was arrested by elements of the Navy in coordination with the @FiscaliaColima, Carlos Miguel N, alias ‘El Abulón’ or ‘El León.’ The detainee led the criminal group Los Mezcales after the capture of José Bernabé N, alias ‘La Vaca,’ and is the main generator of violence in Colima,” was the message he shared via his Twitter account.

But the group Los Mezcales broke away from the so-called Cartel of the Four Letters, provoking various violent acts in Colima due to the split. According to authorities, the recently detained man allegedly assumed leadership of the criminal group following the capture of La Vaca in Mexico City and the nine-year prison sentence for El Cejón, announced on June 1.