Sergio Mayer boasts an Honorary Doctorate, but is rained down by strong criticism

Sergio mayer was distinguished with Honorary Doctorate by the Mexican Institute of Leaders of Excellence, in recognition of his work and career, but not only did he receive that, but also strong criticism rained down on him.

With a series of images shared through his official Instagram account, the actor showed the recognition he received last Saturday, July 31, in which he appears wearing a black toga and the classic cap with airsoft, distinctive that those who receive the award have. title of doctor.

This type of recognition forces us to continue forward, no matter the adversity, the envy, the criticism. Set your goal without losing your principles, values ​​and ethics. Never lose your aim“Was the message that the current deputy wrote at the bottom of one of the publications.

In his speech, Mayer assured that he had doubts in attending the ceremony to receive the recognition because it is a commitment, but this distinction motivates him to continue working for the benefit of the sectors that need it most and he said he was honored to belong to the select group of 174 members.

However, having received the Doctorate Honoris Causa aroused hundreds of criticisms dedicated to the public servant, because the users of the social network assured that it is a title that does not deserve and questioned the seriousness of the institution that makes the distinction, remembering that in the list of personalities who have received it, there are names such as Laura bozzo Y Carlos Trejo.

Oh God, what a mediocre country that awards these awards at that level … well, give him the Nobel Prize for all his ‘work’ oh what a joke this is“,”What a ‘prize’ disappointment to whoever falls“,”Honoris Causa in Corruption“,”They gave it to Laura Bozzo and a narquillo from my state … That diploma is that important“,”And the mask ???? You have to set the example in everything“,”For his work in only for women“Wrote some netizens.

While, in one more photograph in which he appears accompanied by his wife, Issabela Camil, They stressed that, if it weren’t for her and the levers of her millionaire stepfather, no one would remember him.

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