Sergio Mayer did not take refuge in the complaint of Héctor Parra, affirms

Sergio mayer He continues to give something to talk about despite the fact that he is far from the entertainment world, as he was questioned about his alleged protection against the complaint that the actor Héctor Parra filed against him for influence peddling, since it is said that Isabella Camil’s husband, had to do with his arrest for sexual abuse against his youngest daughter.

During an interview, the now Mexican politician attacked Daniela Parra, the actor’s eldest daughter, and the lawyer who is handling the case, as he said to stop blaming everything and dedicate themselves to proving the innocence “of this person.”

Previously in AmericanPost.News We announced that Sergio would be sued for “influence peddling”, a situation that was finally fulfilled and the legal acts sparked a lot of controversy on the internet.

Sergio Mayer denies having an amparo

Mayer has been sued in the Parra case. He has university studies in addition to his acting career

The former Garibaldi had a meeting with the press in the streets of Mexico City and categorically denied having an amparo after the lawyer of the actor Héctor ‘N’ denounced him for reasons already mentioned.

“I think you are informed of something that I do not know, tell me, no, I never asked for an amparo, do any of you know that I asked for an amparo?”

He was immediately upset by the situation and decided to turn the page asking the press not to talk about things that are not proven to avoid bad situations against him.

Sergio spoke about the detection of Héctor Parra and this complicated the situation for the former deputy, as users were angry at his intervention in the case.

Where did Sergio Mayer study?

He has university studies in addition to his acting career

He studied at the Universidad Iberoamericana, a very prestigious private school in Mexico City, and prepared to be an actor after having his academic studies, since he always knew that he wanted to make his debut in the world of politics.

Despite remaining in office as a deputy, Sergio Mayer lost the 2021 elections, which were held in June this year, for which he had to leave office.

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