Sergio Pérez shatters records with fastest pit stop of the 2023 F1 season

Pushing the boundaries of pit stop speed, Red Bull proves F1 is more than just track performance at the thrilling Hungarian GP.

Triumphing in Formula 1 is not confined to track performance but extends to the team effort delivered in the pits, as demonstrated by Red Bull at the Hungarian GP. This marked the twenty-seventh occasion in F1 history where a team shattered the 2-second barrier in the pit, and it was Sergio Pérez who pulled it off for the energy drink team at the Hungaroring.

Notably, the record for the fastest pit stop of 2023 is held by Checo Pérez, who achieved 2.07 seconds at the Spanish GP. However, the top times at the Hungaroring event were marked by Oscar Piastri (2.01) and the Mexican (1.98), with Pérez setting a new record for the season.

According to F1 data, Red Bull boasts 22 pit stops clocking in under two seconds throughout their history. Trailing behind them are Williams, with three such stops, and Ferrari and McLaren, each with one.

Fastest Pit Stops in the 2023 Season

  • 1.98 – Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) – Hungarian GP
  • 2.01 – Oscar Piastri (McLaren) – Hungarian GP
  • 2.07 – Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) – Spanish GP
  • 2.10 – Lando Norris (McLaren) – Austrian GP
  • 2.10 – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) – Saudi Arabian GP

Fastest pit stops in F1 history

A cornerstone of their reputation, Red Bull’s top-notch mechanics have been churning out remarkable pit stops since the practice’s implementation in 2015.


In 2019, the energy drink team’s best pit stop saw Max Verstappen off the grid for a mere 1.82 seconds during the Brazilian GP, a feat that contributed to their domination of the Top 10 fastest pit stops.

However, it’s important to note that tire configurations changed in 2022, moving from 13” to 18” wheels, making them heavier. This has added an extra challenge to achieving sub-two-second pit stops. In this context, the 1.98 seconds clocked by Red Bull with Sergio Pérez during the Hungarian GP, setting the fastest pit stop record with 18-inch wheels in F1 history, is particularly impressive.

  • 1.82 – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – Brazilian GP 2019
  • 1.86 – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – Russian GP 2020
  • 1.86 – Alexander Albon (Red Bull) – Portuguese GP 2020
  • 1.88 – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – German GP 2019
  • 1.90 – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – Spanish GP 2020
  • 1.90 – Alexander Albon (Red Bull) – Sakhir GP 2020
  • 1.91 – Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) – British GP 2019
  • 1.92 – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – German GP 2020
  • 1.93 – Alexander Albon (Red Bull) – Mexican GP 2019
  • 1.93 – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – Bahrain GP 2021
  • 1.93 – Alexander Albon (Red Bull) – Emilia Romagna GP 2020

The fruits of their triumph at the Hungarian GP, where they seized the award for the Fastest Stop delivered by DHL, saw the Austrian team establish a fresh record for the 2023 Season with a pit stop time of 1.98 seconds.