Series that reveals the secrets and dark side of Playboy to premiere

Series that reveals the secrets and dark side of Playboy to premiere

‘Secrets of Playboy’: the documentary that will reveal the dark secrets of Playboy.

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‘Secrets of Playboy’ is the new documentary that aims to reveal the uncomfortable and dark secrets of Hugh Hefner, his mansion and the “little” empire he built called Playboy.

After Hefner’s death, several production companies revealed their interest in having the rights to tell the details of his career and his magazine, which revolutionized the publishing industry for years.

Now it is reported that they are already working on the series to be broadcast on the A&E Network channel in 2022 and will tell all the secrets behind the controversial brand.

The story about Playboy It will be told in documentary format, so it will have unpublished images of the most significant moments in its history, including testimonies from people who lived in the mansion.

‘Secrets of Playboy’ will include interviews with Miki García, former director of Playmate Promotions; Hefner’s ex-girlfriends such as Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Sondra Theodore; Hefner’s personal assistant, Stefan Tetenbaum; bunny mother PJ Masten and Jennifer Saginor, a resident of Playboy Mansion West, among others.

“I really believed that I was the owner of these women.”Garcia noted in a teaser for the docuseries. “I never realized that entering the world of Playboy was a dangerous choice,” he stressed.

The series produced by The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC) of Industrial Media for A&E Network will have a worldwide distribution, after its premiere in the United States.

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