Seven pitbull dogs kill a 71-year-old Hispanic in Texas

Freddy García lost his life when a pack of seven dogs attacked him and took his life.

Photo: Susanne906 / Pixabay

A 71-year-old Hispanic man was mauled to death by a pack of pit bulls in a wooded neighborhood in Fresno, Texas.

Last Monday, around 1:30 in the afternoon, Freddy García lost his life when a pack of seven dogs attacked him and took his life in a small town southwest of Houston, authorities confirmed.

Garcia was airlifted to Memorial Hermann in Houston, where he was later pronounced dead.

“He did nothing to provoke these animals,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan said during a news conference. “It did not make sense”.

It is worth mentioning that this Thursday, all the dogs had already been captured, according to ABC13.

The dogs have been roaming the area for a while, residents say. “There are 20 dogs around here right now,” neighbor Joey Cartwright told the outlet.

Cartwright said she called Animal Services as soon as she saw the dogs on her property and noticed two of them still had blood on them.

“If you drive down this side street, there will be 20 dogs running loose,” he said. “People just throw them around here. Dogs go where they can find food.”

Authorities are investigating whether the dogs are really strays.

“This is a tragic, tragic incident, to be mauled by a dog,” Fagan said. “I can’t say how sorry I am for what happened. I want you to know that we are working diligently to bring justice to this family.”

Calling the attack “highly preventable,” Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton said, “If you have a dangerous dog, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe to keep members of our community safe.”

As authorities continue to investigate, Garcia’s family is mourning the loss of a man who “lit up the room wherever he went.”

Garcia’s brother, Jorge Garcia, told KPRC through a translator, “I can’t understand how these types of accidents happen. No one deserves a death like that.”

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