Seven UFOs spotted flying over the Turkish sky in May 2023 reignites debate

UFOs displayed unusual maneuvers flying over Türkiye. Jaime Maussan analyzes the evidence, comparing it with a similar Brazilian incident.

A new video of UFOs has caught the attention of researchers such as Jaime Maussan, as it shows up to 7 of these craft “taking off” and flying over the sky of Türkiye. At the beginning of the video, the alleged UFOs cannot be seen, but bright spots can be seen in the Turkish airspace after a few moments.

It is said that they “took off” from that country because it gives the impression that the alleged craft arrived from somewhere in Turkish territory. This phenomenon occurred last May 26, 2023, and so far, no official statement has been made by Turkish authorities.

Türkiye’s UFO video has been ruled out as showing traditional craft.

Although there have been attempts to point out that the alleged UFOs taking off from Türkiye are common craft or other things, the video seems to point to the opposite.

This is because these alleged. UFOs taking off from Türkiye perform rather peculiar movements throughout the video.

We can see how they move quickly in “random” ways, something no known craft or flying object can accomplish now.

Their movements surpass those of other alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft, most of which hover in the air without doing anything.

In the same category:

For this reason, many specialists in the subject, such as Jaime Maussan, consider this acceptable proof of a UFO sighting.

UFOs in Türkiye (Taken from Video)
UFOs in Türkiye (Taken from Video)

Türkiye is not the only country with a video of UFOs taking off

What happened in Türkiye has caused many to recall a similar video of UFOs taking off, only this would have occurred in Brazil.

The video, shared by Carlos Rubio, a researcher like Jaime Maussan, presents this UFO take-off from Brazilian soil.

As he comments, these alleged crafts seem to be moving away from the Earth’s surface while performing complex formations.

All until they take a triangular position, something common in this type of UFO phenomenon and which contradicts the version that they were Chinese lamps or similar.