Several Hispanics arrested for drug ring and prostitution in a New Jersey nightclub: there was cocaine and $ 40,000 in cash

Nine arrested in NJ – Photo: Secaucus Police Department / Courtesy

Nine people – mostly Hispanic men and women – were arrested on suspicion of participating in a massive drug ring and prostitution at a nightclub in New Jersey.

A six-month investigation at “AJ’s Go-Go Bar” in Secaucus ended Tuesday with nine detained on charges ranging from promoting prostitution to cocaine distribution, said the police.

The undercover detectives bought various amounts of cocaine from the employees and were also offered sex for cash, Secaucus police said.

A large number of drugs, including more than two ounces of cocaine and more than 400 tablets of Oxycontin, were seized along with $ 40,000 in cash during a search Tuesday at the bar. The money is believed to have come from “nefarious activity,” said Secaucus Police Chief Dennis Miller.

“Increasingly in the past two years, crime has been routinely committed inside AJ at an alarming rate,” Miller said in a statement. In that period there have been reported various aggravated assaults, firearm-related incidents and an overdose in the bar bathroom, summarized the police.

Investigators were also alerted to allegations that AJ’s employees were selling drugs directly to customers, according to Miller.

Those arrested in the investigation included Caroleen García García (41), a resident of The Bronx (NYC), along with Maylin Hechavarría (30), Rosanni Reyes (45) and Leidy Muñoz Gómez (40), for allegedly engaging in prostitution.

Jason Koch, 52, was charged with promoting prostitution and several drug charges, including possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and Oxycontin, reported New York Post.

Carlos Bustamante, whose age was not provided, was also charged with cocaine distribution and other drug charges. Three other suspects who were arrested for possession of drugs or weapons were identified as Elizabeth Nauer (33), Frank Lovato (54) and Jeana Branda (32), who allegedly had a knife.