Several models reveal that they had to sleep with Hugh Hefner to be the “Playmate of the Year”

Hugh Hefner.

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get the title of Playmate of the Year is a huge deal for any aspiring model looking to break into the industry, but many felt they had to sleep with the mogul Hugh Hefner to get it. According to the docuseries A&E “Secrets of Playboy”a group of ex-models and connoisseurs of the magazine affirmed that some contenders for that title had to do some “pretty wild stuff in the bedroom” to secure their spot.

“When I first came in, it seemed like most of the women who went through the Playmate test felt like they had to sleep with him to get Playmate of the Year,” she said. Holly Madisonwho lived in the mansion while dating Hef from 2001 to 2008.”Not all did, there were some exceptionsbut I think a lot of them felt they had to,” she added.

“To get Playmate of the Year, you had to do some really wild stuff in the bedroom with Hef and her friends. You had to compete for that position.”he pointed PJ Mastenwhich was Bunny girl and manager of the Playboy club. Although Hefner claimed before his death that he was not the only voice in the Playmate of the Year selection – adding that the magazine’s editors made the final selection – his ex-girlfriend and her ex-Playmate, Sondra Theodore, said the opposite. “Ultimately, Hef is the one who chose the Playmate of the year. Was it a fair competition? I do not think so. The girls did a lot to earn that favor and he knew they would, so he usually played with it. I know that he was the one who made the final decision, “he said in the production of A&E.

Former Playmate and head of Playboy promotions from 1973 to 1983, Miki Garciashared her own experience trying to land the coveted Playmate of the Year spot in 1974. “If you became Playmate of the Year, you got more fame, more money and more power. Who didn’t want that?said Garcia, who said she was promised Playmate of the Year before the photo editor Marilyn Grabowski I told him that hef I wanted to meet her.

“I was worried. They had asked me to go to the mansion. I avoided it, but I really had no more excuses, so I went with her. I was extremely nervous because I just knew that if I didn’t go to bed with him, I wasn’t going to get Playmate of the Year.. I just thought: ‘If he asks me and I say no, there goes that money, through the door and all that I have worked for,’” Miki said.

Garcia stated that when he showed up at the mansion, Grabowski told him he had to go talk to Hefner. “I knew what that meant and I said, ‘I don’t think so,’ and she said, ‘I’m telling you right now, it’s now or never, I’m serious. Go talk to him.’ I knew that meant I had to go in there and beg for that Playmate of the Year title and be vulnerable to him. She knew it. I didn’t have to say it,” he revealed.

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