Sex workers protest in the Zócalo; they demand that they let them work

Sex workers joined together to demonstrate in the Zócalo of Mexico City (CDMX) demanding that the authorities let them work, that they respect their work points and that the harassment by security elements in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office ends.

The group first faced the elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) in the streets 20 de Noviembre and Venustiano Carranza to be able to enter the Zócalo, since that is where the security filters are located.

The protesters stood in front of the Old City Hall Palace to ask the Government to reopen the hotels so they can continue working.

Authorities assure that there is human trafficking in the area

It should be noted that the authorities closed several hotels arguing that found cases of human trafficking, where some victims were minors. However, despite the declarations of the authorities, the protesters they denied such cases of child trafficking and exploitation.

The protesters assured that they are against those practices so they do not allow this type of situation to occur. They indicated that all of them they work independently and voluntarily.

The workers asked that the authorities respect the agreements signed with the Ministry of Welfare, in which it is established that they are recognized as non-salaried workers and the installation of a work table.

Likewise, during the protest, they denounced harassment by security elements in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, who prevented them from visiting the area of ​​the first square of the Historic Center.

What rights do sex workers have?

They asked the authorities to let them work

The recognition of prostitution as a job allows and guarantees other rights such as right to association, health, education, information, physical, psychological and sexual integrity, to a life free of violence, recognizing women sex workers as subjects of rights.

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