Shaka Laka debuts with a surprise kiss between Yailín La Más Viral and Tekashi 6ix9ine

Yailín and Tekashi's musical collaboration takes a romantic twist, fueling rumors and adding depth to Shaka Laka's lyrical narrative.

Yailín La Más Viral and Tekashi 6ix9ine, also known as Danny Hernandez, have sent shockwaves through the music industry with their latest collaboration, “Shaka Laka,” also featuring Kodak Black. More than just a musical partnership, the artists hint at a potential romantic relationship, as evidenced by a passionate kiss captured in the music video of the new song.

The kiss, an intimate exchange ‘mouth to mouth’ with intertwined tongues, suggests an undeniable chemistry between Yailín and Tekashi that extends beyond their shared passion for music.

In addition to the unexpected display of affection, the lyrics of “Shaka Laka” have attracted much attention, as some speculate they contain veiled threats and references directed at Anuel AA, Yailín’s ex-partner. This speculation has added an extra layer of intrigue to the music video, which amassed over 663,000 views on YouTube within an hour of its release.

The song is a melodic blend of defiance and control, with Yailín singing the final part: “Ando ready pa’ romperte / Échate pa’ allá que la presión está caliente. Eh! / De mi barrio ya he parti’o un pa’l de dientes / Hablan de mí, pero no lo dicen de frente. Eh!”. These lyrics, translated as “I’m ready to break you / Get ready because the pressure is hot / In my neighborhood I’ve broken a couple of teeth / They talk about me, but they don’t say it upfront,” could be interpreted as a response to alleged threats she has received.

Similarly, Tekashi 6ix9ine and Kodak Black’s verses contribute to the defiant tone of the song. Lines such as “Nigga how you lose your bitch to a snitch. I’m a one-man army. I never need a clique. I’ve come a long way from the bricks… I’m making million-dollar plays with this sh*t… And stop talking about what you do and end up with a sh*t. Don’t know if it was you… I gotta eat. I’m missing business with the streets. And my little girlfriend will wonder, a few million sounding sweet,” seem to communicate a message of self-assured dominance and veiled threats.

Adding to the song’s allure, Yailín recently debuted a stunning new look after undergoing plastic surgery to slim her waist. The Dominican singer flaunts her curves in a black top and miniskirt, a sharp contrast to her shiny silver boots and new bling, in the music video. Meanwhile, Tekashi stands out in predominantly light-colored outfits, and Kodak Black opts for colorful attire.

“Shaka Laka” was released on the afternoon of Saturday, July 22, after a brief promotional period during which Yailín and Tekashi teased the premiere with a preview on their social media accounts. The pair posted a message reading, “Shaka Lala [sic] now available on YouTube,” accompanied by a screenshot from the music video featuring the now-famous kiss. This is the artists’ latest collaboration following the success of “Pa ti,” which was released shortly after Yailín’s heartbreak-themed bachata song “Narcisista.”

This isn’t the first time artists have used their songs as a platform to express personal emotions and rivalries. Anuel AA, for instance, has been known to participate in these types of lyrical confrontations in the past. Given this context and Yailín’s tumultuous history with Anuel AA, including accusations of physical abuse and neglect, it’s possible that the pointed lyrics of “Shaka Laka” are a direct response to the Puerto Rican singer. Only time will tell as the story continues to unfold in the public eye.