Shakira almost shows beyond her little dress to celebrate a year of “Don’t Wait Up”

Shakira singing at an NBA game in 2010.

Shakira singing at an NBA game in 2010.

Photo: Jewel Samad. /Getty Images

Colombian singer Shakira He is not in his best personal moment since the whole separation from the father of his children began, Gerard Piqué. In addition, the rumors and news around make the situation more tense for both of them. Still, his musical career took an impressive leap. From numbers 1 on the radios of Spaingoing through records in Youtube Y Spotify and even new releases. But one of his songs whose choreography has been the favorite of many is “Don’t Wait Up”, which is already a year old after launching. To do this, the Colombian took off her pajamas and She left a little dress with which she almost shows beyond her legs.

While, “Congratulations” with Raww Alexander continues to add millions of reproductions, Shakira continues to celebrate theme anniversary. First there were the 12 years of “she wolf“, “Loba” in Spanish and now it is the turn of “Don’t Wait Up” that celebrates one year of its premiere. For this reason, Shakira used a filter in Instagram with the one who takes off his pajamas and puts on a minimal black dress to show off his legs and almost, almost a little beyond.

Some drooled over the choreography of the Colombian and others were impressed with her thinness. Her fans assure that the separation he has it without eating. But the truth need not be just that. Shakira’s dad underwent brain surgery a few weeks ago. This after a fall that she suffered more than a month ago and that left her with some blood clots. The surgery they performed was to remove them. own mother of Shakira said 90-year-old William Mebarak is getting better and also said he hadn’t talked to his son-in-law in a long time Gerard Piqué.

As for the star FC Barcelona, it is seen that he is not in very good spirits with the press. He recently destroyed the cell phone of the correspondent of The fat and the skinny, Jordi Martin. In addition, the Mamarazzis assure that Gerard Piqué would have traveled with his special “friend” to Dubai on a commercial flight. Supposedly they are just co-workers. On the other hand, the ajsasahd assures that he would have ended his relationship with this 22-year-old girl and that he would be approaching Shakira. It is not known if in a romantic plan or just to finish coordinating everything related to the custody of their children. sasha and milan.

For now, we leave you just the latest release of Shakira along with Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta called “You Don’t Worry”, which already has almost 50 million views on YouTube.

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