Shakira and Piqué’s Frozen Embryos Cause Controversy Amidst Split

Shakira and Gerard Piqué face a complex legal and emotional dilemma over the fate of frozen embryos created during their relationship.

Colombian pop star Shakira and her ex-partner, Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, are caught in a complex dispute regarding frozen embryos the estranged couple created years ago in hopes of having a daughter together.

The former couple, who split in June 2022 amidst infidelity allegations against Piqué, had two sons together — Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7 — but had aspirations for a bigger family that never came to fruition before turbulent events unfolded.

Divorcing couple faces complex decision regarding fate of fertilized eggs

Now, a report from the entertainment program “Chisme No Like” alleges that in 2019, Shakira and Piqué underwent in vitro fertilization to create embryos with the specific intention of having a baby girl in the future.

Frozen Embryos Could Still Be Gestated

Per the report, four female embryos resulted from the IVF process and were cryopreserved for later use. However, one embryo was then implanted in Shakira’s uterus, though she sadly suffered a miscarriage five weeks into that pregnancy.

“Let’s remember that in 2019, Shakira had a spectacular presentation that was in the Davis Cup, but what no one knows is that Shakira was pregnant just at that time with a girl, she was just five weeks pregnant,” said Adriana Tovar, the journalist who broke the story about the embryos.

With three embryos still frozen and viable, Shakira theoretically has further chances to give birth if she chooses. But Piqué allegedly complicated matters amidst the couple’s separation negotiations.

Piqué Relinquishes Rights to Embryos

Per Tovar’s reporting, Piqué agreed to financially support Shakira’s 2019 pregnancy efforts in exchange for her investing money into his business project.

But after their split, Piqué supposedly told Shakira, “Do with those things what you want,” refusing any claim over the frozen embryos. This apparent verbal contract, if legally binding, would give Shakira full custody over the embryos to use as she sees fit.

Shakira has openly shared her desire to have a daughter one day. If she implanted another frozen embryo, a pregnancy could still occur despite being single now.

Life After Separation: Coping As Single Parents

While the embryo predicament raises ethical questions, Shakira and Piqué’s main focus has been navigating co-parenting and new romantic relationships after their dramatic breakup.

Shakira Leans on Family in Miami

Shakira recently opened up about enjoying more family time with her two sons now that they’ve moved to Miami full-time.

“I’ve never seen my children so happy,” she told ¡Hola! magazine in November. “They can go to their extracurricular activities without anyone chasing them.”

Having left behind the paparazzi scrutiny in Barcelona, where she lived with Piqué, Shakira seems to be rediscovering peace and stability as she raises her children in her hometown.

Piqué Spotted With New Girlfriend Clara

Piqué, meanwhile, has paraded his new relationship with 23-year-old PR student Clara Chía Martí quite publicly in Barcelona as the two attend events and matches together.

They even shared a kiss caught on the stadium “Kiss Cam” back in August during a Barcelona Soccer Club game Piqué was attending.

Some fans criticized Piqué for flaunting his new romance so soon after separating from his family. But Piqué appears smitten with Clara nonetheless.

What Comes Next?

It remains unclear whether Shakira has plans to actually use her remaining frozen embryos to get pregnant again solo. Ethicists argue both sides regarding rights over fertilized eggs after a breakup.

And while Shakira and Piqué try to move forward separately with their lives, their shared desire for a daughter — those frozen memories of what once was — still bonds them in the complex present. Perhaps time will shift perspectives on all fronts.