Video: Shakira confirms son’s influence in new song with Bizarrap in an interview with Enrique Acevedo

Get a deeper understanding of Shakira's lyrics and what they reveal about her current emotional state, according to psychologist Lara Ferreiro.
  • Shakira is giving an intimate interview with journalist Enrique Acevedo, in which she will share unexpected details about her life and career.
  • The Colombian singer has released a new song with Argentinean music producer Bizarrap, influenced by her son’s ideas. The song also includes strong comments about her ex-partner Gerard Piqué.
  • According to psychologist Lara Ferreiro, Shakira’s lyrics in her recent song with Karol G express her guilt, anger, hope, and fear. The interview with Enrique Acevedo is expected to delve into these emotions and provide a deeper understanding of Shakira’s current state.

Shakira son, Milán, and Bizarrap. Shakira is about to give her first very intimate interview with journalist Enrique Acevedo, where she will reveal unexpected details that will surely have everyone talking. Fragments of this talk have already leaked to social networks.

A video has been circulating quite a bit on social networks, where Shakira not only leaves in ‘bad’ women who do not support other women but also confirmed that the idea of recording her session with Bizarrap was from one of her sons, which would have been a hard blow for her mom.

Shakira reveals whose idea it was to record with Bizarrap

PHOTO: Twitter
PHOTO: Twitter

In Shakira’s track, in collaboration with Argentinean music producer Bizarrap, we can see how the Colombian singer lashes out strongly against her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. This song was quite forceful with the singer’s message and gave Clara Chia and Pique a lesson and a low blow.

It had been previously revealed that Milán, Shakira’s son, is a fan of Bizarrap. However, it was not until this moment that it was confirmed that the famous singer was driven to record with the music producer by her son’s ideas.

Shakira’s son Milan and Bizarrap: low blow for Piqué?

PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

You have to do something with Bizarrap, he’s the Argentine God, and I tell him ‘Look, look, who wrote me,’ and it was Bizarrap,” reveals Shakira in the fragment of the unpublished interview, which is expected to unleash deep secrets and quite intense revelations about what these months have been like.

In the video, the ‘Ojos Así’ singer also revealed her opinion about the attacks she has received from other women who have not supported her: “There is a place reserved in hell for those women who don’t support other women,” revealed Shakira.

Shakira’s interview is expected to be quite in-depth

Shakira son Milan Bizarrap
PHOTO: Twitter

Apparently, the singer, who has released a new song with Karol G in recent days, will have a lot to say in her interview with Enrique Acevedo, a journalist of the Mexican program ‘En Punto de N+,’ and this is how the news was communicated:

It gives me great pleasure to share that tomorrow on Canal Estrellas news, and we have a preview of our exclusive conversation with Shakira. We went to Barcelona to talk about her music and lyrics, the moment she is going through in her career, and what’s next in her life,” Infobae reported.

Shakira may be dealing with emotional problems

Shakira son Milan Bizarrap
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Shakira is allegedly dealing with serious problems that have affected her mentally and emotionally. According to recent statements made by psychologist Lara Ferreiro, author of ‘Addicted to an asshole,’ she talked about this moment that Shakira is facing.

According to the expert, in Shakira’s lyrics, the singer expresses feelings such as: “Guilt, anger, hope, and fear.” She gives an example in her most recent song with Karol G ‘TQG’ where she says: “you looking for food on the outside, me saying it was monotony.” This phrase would prove that the singer feels ashamed for thinking things were going in a different direction.

Here is part of the interview with Shakira: