Shakira enjoyed Mother’s Day without a drop of makeup!

Shakira receiving the “Special International Award” at the Ivor Novello Awards 2022.

Photo: Luke Walker/Getty Images

At 45 years old, Shakira is not afraid to show her natural beauty with her family on the beach, celebrating Mother’s Dayalong with his little ones taking swimming lessons with them and laughing non-stop, while playing and being happy with his family in Ibiza, Spain.

Despite the fact that in Spain the date of this celebration is different from that of Colombia,The singer decided to celebrate it on the second Sunday of May and shared a beautiful photo along with his children Milan and Sasha with the following message: “Just with a kiss they heal everything and make it worth continuing to fight for them! Happy day to all the mothers!”.

Additionally, The TVnotas medium managed to get other images of the singer enjoying that day with the little ones. They assured that the interpreter of “No” went down to the beach at 10 in the morning, uncovered herself, she put on sunscreen and simply focused on resting, even though her children wanted to play with her.

On the other hand, the Colombian took swimming lessons with her two children and after enjoying the sea for a while, Shakira went out to put on a shirt for the sea.

next May 31 Shakira will premiere a reality show called “Dancing with myself” on the NBC television network, in which he will share the jury panel with Nick Jonas and the influencer Lisa Koshy. The competition is inspired by the latest dance trends on TikTok and Instagram apps.

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