Shakira explains the meaning of the mermaid, the rat, and the garbage bin in Copa Vacía video

Embracing mermaid symbolism, Shakira's 'Copa Vacía' musically uncovers her post-breakup journey, drawing reactions on Shakichat.

The wait is over! Shakira finally released her song “Copa Vacía,” a collaboration with Colombian Manuel Turizo in which she throws new darts against her ex-partner and father of her children, Gerard Piqué.

With wavy pink hair and a mermaid tail, Shakira sings about the lack of interest and habit in the couple. The new song adds to the trilogy “Monotonía,” Te Felicito,” and “Music Sessions 53 with Bizarrap”.

Although they are not the only songs she has dedicated to the ex-football player, they complement her feelings after learning that he cheated on her with Clara Chía, a 23-year-old girl whom she also made his partner, and there have even been rumors of a wedding.

It should be remembered that Shakira and Piqué were together for at least 12 years. During this time, the Colombian moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she established her family home and saw her children Milan and Sasha grow up.

To the latter, she also composed a song called “Acróstico,” in whose video you can see the talent inherited from her mother when interpreting a couple of verses.

Shakira dedicates “Copa Vacía” to Piqué?

On the day of the premiere of the collaboration with Manuel Turizo, Shakira shared on her broadcast channel on Instagram, called “Shakichat,” audio in which she made a clear reference to Gerard Piqué. However, she did not mention his name.

What surprised fans was the mocking laughter with which Shakira explained some of the scenes in the video clip.

“This mermaid in the video gets to sacrifice many things for love and ends up in a garbage dump, surrounded by rats, and finally returns to her habitat… any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence,” she joked.

She also explained that the mermaid represents the stage she had to face, which led her to put her ex-partner’s life behind her when she moved to Miami, United States.

“I think the mermaid figure is symbolic and represents this moment in my life because many know I am on the road back to myself.”

The audio sent through “Shakichat” on Instagram accumulated more than 179 thousand reactions from her fans.