Shakira is the most powerful WAG in the world, above Victoria Beckham

Shakira is the most powerful WAG in the world, above Victoria Beckham

The term WAGs was created by British tabloids in the early 2000s to refer to the ‘wives and girlfriendsof the footballers -‘wives and girlfriends’, in English- and since then they form a separate subcategory within the world of sport.

Now the betting portal SlotsUp has made a list of the most powerful that classifies these women based on the following criteria: their personal fortune, their popularity on social networks, the number of books they have published, the money they charge for each sponsored Instagram post, the number of views they accumulate on Spotify and the credits for their work in the film industry that they have on IMDb, the internet movie database.

Singer Shakira, sentimental partner of Gerard Piqué, has risen to the first place in this classification after achieving a score of 99 out of 100 after standing out in each of the categories mentioned above. His activity in the virtual sphere is what has allowed him to exceed by only four points Victoria Beckham, who despite the earnings and fame she amassed as a member of the Spice Girls and more recently also as a designer, is not at the height of the Colombian when it comes to her number of followers on Instagram.

The third place on the podium is occupied by the singer Perrie Edwards, from the band Little Mix, who is currently in a relationship with Liverpool FC player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, with whom he has just welcomed his first child. It is striking that Georgina rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, does not appear on this list in which another Spanish woman has sneaked in, Pilar Rubio, Sergio Ramos’ wife, who has risen to eighth with a score of 65 out of 100 regardless of the lack of exact information on the extent of personal fortune.

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