Shakira and Karol G’s collaboration addresses Gerard Piqué and Anuel AA in the upcoming single “Te quedó grande,” AKA “TQG”

The singers continue to break the network, now they did it with the advance of "Te quedó grande"

Shakira and Karol G continue to provoke great expectations for their much-rumored collaboration, which has been reported to be a single that will be titled TQG, the initials of Te quedó grande.

Since recent songs by the singer of Te Felicito have been loaded with hints against Gerard Piqué, hopes are high that this song will continue in the same tone, especially now that the program Hoy Día leaked part of the lyrics of the song.

“We have obtained, confidentially, part of the lyrics of Shakira and Karol G’s song,” announced Andrea Meza on Telemundo’s morning show, revealing that Karol G will also be taking a shot at her famous ex-partner.

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“It’s titled ‘Te quedó grande,’ and Karol G refers to Anuel AA in the following way: ‘At least with me, I kept you pretty.’ Shakira apparently addresses Piqué again and refers to his song Monotonía with the verse: ‘Tú saliendo a buscar comida fuera y yo pensando que era la monotonía'” (You going out for food and me thinking it was the monotony), the presenter revealed.

It has recently transpired that TQG could see the light of day on February 24, when La Bichota will release its new album, “Mañana será bonito.”

Meanwhile, Shakira and Gerard continue to be the talk of the town after their separation in the middle of last year, and she continues to vent with her songs and even sells a jersey with the legend “Women don’t cry, women bill.”

Clara Chía and Piqué were captured in a passionate kiss from the top of a stadium. (Twitter)

In turn, Karol G and Anuel AA were a couple and even got engaged during a relationship that lasted more than three years, and although it seemed that they had ended on good terms, the hints in songs and social networks seem to prove otherwise.