Shakira moves her pelvis with a metallic bodysuit with David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas

Shakira, Colombian singer.

Shakira, Colombian singer.

Photo: Alex Pantling. /Getty Images

Colombian singer Shakira does not stop his career in the midst of the controversial separation of the father of his children Gerard Piqué. Just now the singer has captivated in his new video clip and song with David Guetta and Black Eyed Peas entitled “Don’t You Worry”where moves the pelvis dressed in a metallic bodysuit following the futuristic wave.

Shakira’s sexy moves are known worldwide and more when it comes to their hips and your pelvis and if you don’t believe us, go see”Don’t You Worry“. It is not a secret that the Colombian does almost all of her choreographies and in this one they were not lacking sexy pelvic motions and of course hip. Same that were not easy to do, because Gerard Piqué’s ex wears a solid metallic suit.

On the other hand, success with Raww Alexander “Te Felicito” continues to go from strength to strength on digital platforms. Before the scandal of the separation had 31 million reproductions in Youtube. Now he has 154 million. This after it was said that this song would have been written for Gerard Piqué when an alleged infidelity is discovered.

As for the separation, Gerard Piqué recently went to Shakira’s house and apparently they didn’t let him in through the parking lot. the star of FC Barcelona I had to leave and come back later. It is said that she went for the children to take them to school. The same ones who got out of the singer’s truck and got into his car.

During the weekend, Shakira he was the victim of a stalker who wrote him a proposal on the floor. Although he himself expressed her love for the Colombian, she was scared and went with her brother to the police in Barcelona to file a complaint. But his ex also suffered from the gestures of a fan.

The footballer was at a conference and a woman approached him to ask for a photograph with his son. The player refused and the fan ended up posting a picture of him with a mysterious blonde. Subsequently, the paparazzi who have followed Gerard Piqué They said it wasn’t about the alleged lover.

The mamarazzis say that Gerard Piqué was seen again with the third in discord in a coastal town of Barcelona. They assure that he protects her a lot and that they do not know the nature of that relationship. For now, the drivers Laura Fa and Lorena Vásquez say that he has the woman’s name but that they will not make it known, at least for now.

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