Shakira new songs 2022

Singer Shakira It has an extensive repertoire of songs, so you may no longer know which ones are new and which ones are not. Here we will tell you what is the most recent of the Colombian so that you do not lose track of her and continue to be a great fan.

  • I congratulate you

  • girls like me

  • Don’t Wait Up

I congratulate you, Girls Like Me and Dont Wait Up, they are the latest songs by the talented Shakira, which can be heard through her YouTube channel, but one of the ones that has attracted the most attention is the one that we will tell you about next. .

What is the name of Anuel and Shakira’s song?

Shakira and Anuel AA’s song is called I like it and currently has more than 185,960,472 million views on the singer’s official channel.

  • Chorus of likes

And it is that in bed problems are solved

But perfect love is only seen in novels

And when I talk to another, you complain to me

But you alone are the one who keeps me away

You don’t measure your words and you hurt me (yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah)

And if you leave me and you go it’s because you want (because you want)

It’s no longer fair that you sweeten my ear (yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah)

So that in the end you don’t comply with me

old shakira songs

Old Shakira songs How much is Shakira’s salary?

These are a couple of Shakira’s oldest songs and with which she was placed as one of the favorites of the guild.

  • Anthology
  • If you go
  • I’m here
  • Where are the thieves?
  • Inevitable

How much is Shakira’s salary?

How much is Shakira’s salary?

According to Forbes, the beautiful colombian She gets about 4 million euros a month, that is, almost 50 million euros a year, although the figure was revealed before she sold part of the rights to 150 of her songs, so the exact figure is not known at this time.

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