Shakira overshadows Clara Chía with a new look to pick up her children at school

As if the comparisons between Shakira and Clara Chia Marti were not enough, now the social networks are once again tipping the scales towards the singer from Barranquilla after she was recently captured leaving her children at school in Barcelona.

Gerard Piqué’s 23-year-old girlfriend has also been photographed on recent occasions by the paparazzi, however, given her peculiar style of dress and little mania to hide from the press, is that her photographs have not left her in a good light.

The Colombian singer dropped her kids off at school and then went to celebrate her father’s 91st birthday, which we also had pictures of on her official Instagram account.

The new look of the Colombian to go for her children to school

The new look of the Colombian

The showbiz media was again able to capture the Barranquillera in her daily life, this after dropping off her youngest son, Sasha, at the school where he studies in Barcelona, looking increasingly beautiful and with a new look that seems to leave very high the bar for the next conquests of her ex Gerard Piqué.

The new look of the Colombian

With straight and well-groomed hair, the singer of Te Felicito got into her truck and as if she suspected that someone was taking pictures of her, she gave a lecture on how to look beautiful and radiant at her 45 years of age.

The same cannot be said of the young Clara Chía Martín, who in the images captured by the Spanish press has been criticized on social networks for her unkempt image and dry hair, also being the target of ridicule by the followers of the Colombian singer.

Clara Chía Martí’s look

It should also be noted that the barranquillera left the city of Barcelona this day to an unknown destination, however thanks to leaks on social networks it was learned that her team was seen in the UK working perhaps in what will be her next musical work.

How old is Shakira to Clara Chía?

How old is Shakira to Clara Chía?

Clara Chía Martí, only 23 years old, is a young marketing student, to whom the Colombian is 22 years older and is now the new romantic partner of FC Barcelona’s central footballer Gerard Piqué.

Shakira has made it clear that she will not address the issue of her breakup with the soccer player, as well as the Spaniard himself asked the press to stop the constant harassment to which his privacy has been violated in recent weeks and if his complaint is not heeded, he warned that he will execute restraining orders and will go to the relevant authorities.