Shakira pregnant? and other controversies that would make her leave Barcelona

In the midst of uncertainty about the state of his father’s health, Shakira could soon leave Barcelona to make a new life in the city of Miami.

After the constant remarks in the press about his break with Piquethe singer would escape to her luxurious residence in the United States with her two daughters, moving away from the Spanish spotlight.

Even after rumors that she could be pregnant, on social networks they ask her to leave Spain immediately to concentrate on her musical career.

Shakira pregnant? netizens react to rumors

Shakira pregnant? Internet users react to rumors How is Shakira’s father?

The interpreter of “Blind, deaf-speechless” She would have shared with her followers a tutorial to move her hips like her, however in the images the belly was highlighted, which for many is pregnancy.

Despite the accusations, the belly that you see is the product of the “Belly Dancing“that the Colombian has been practicing since she was 5 years old.

Even the Colombian ruled out at the beginning of the year that becoming a mother would be in her plans, at the same time that she confirmed her plans to continue launching music.

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How is Shakira’s father?

How is Shakira’s father?

The possible pregnancy and the break with Piqué seem to be minor problems for the Colombian, who in recent weeks monopolizes the entertainment news.

The singer’s father underwent surgery at a private clinic in Barcelona, ​​as doctors found clots in his brain after the fall he suffered at the singer’s house.

From the little that is known about his current condition is that he has already been discharged, however he will continue the recovery process from the singer’s home in Barcelona.

Shakira, in contrast, is the most popular singer on streaming platforms, where her most recent singles “I congratulate you” and “Dont’ You Worry“They are hugely successful.

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