Shakira reappears on networks to share extraordinary news

It had been several weeks since Shakira She was not happy on social networks, so after her reappearance, Internet users thanked her for the gesture of having shared an extraordinary news that undoubtedly fills her with joy.

And it is that the most famous Barranquilla in the world has not had one of the best weeks of her year, adding the scandals for the separation with his ex sentimental partner, the gossip that the press spreads, the legal custody of their children and their financial situation with the Spanish authorities.

Although there was already a first meeting with Piqué, from which he left quite furious, there is still a long way to go on the Colombian’s path towards this subject, so any happy news that happens to her in life will pay too much back to her state of cheer up.

Shakira’s reaction that is viral in networks

Shakira’s reaction that is viral in networks Where is Shakira?

Through social networks, the woman from Barranquilla thanked the Latin Recording Academy for having nominated her for the most recent edition of the Latin Grammy 2022a ceremony that by the way he has not attended in the last 11 years.

“Thank you for the nomination for the Latin GRAMMYs. I congratulate you Rauw!” He shared via social networks where he showed himself with a quite cheerful countenance as has rarely been seen in recent weeks.

It should be noted that the barranquillera was nominated in the Record of the Year category for the subject Congratulationsa single that he released last May after the news of his separation from the footballer was released Gerard Piqué and that without a doubt came to mark an entire generation of the internet.

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Where is Shakira?

Where is Shakira?

According to entertainment news, the singer is currently at her home in Barcelona Along with their children, all of this while waiting for the legal situation to be resolved in order to be able to take them out of the country and move with them to Miami to start a new life without the Spanish soccer player.

Shakira He is also in the process of recording song tests and putting the finishing touches on his twelfth studio album, which could be released at the end of this year and would contain collaborations with artists such as Rauw Alejandro, Black Eyed Peas, Rosalía, Bad Bunny, Camila Cabello and Ozuna.

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