Shakira reappears “shattered” after the scandal of the alleged pregnancy of Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend

The singer Shakira seems to be affected by seeing the father of her children with his girlfriend.

Photo: Antonin Thuillier/AFP/Getty Images

The singer Shakira has not been able to live the love break in a silent way, and it is that when everything seems to be calming down, more details of the new relationship that the soccer player Gerard Piqué has end up appearing.

Several photos have been leaked not only of the couple, but also where you can see the Colombian apparently devastated, Well, everything would be linked to the complex moment she is going through, because she had 12 years of romance with Piqué, and as a result of the love that once existed, Sasha and Milan were born.

The moment would have been recorded when the interpreter of ‘La Tortura’ was out for a walk with her children.

“She is not serene, she is downcast, shattered, her gaze towards the ground denotes her atony, the period of maximum sadness that you are going through. In addition, she is not very dressed up, and that is in accordance with what she is experiencing. It looks like which reflects a lack of positive energy. She is not calm, she is destroyed”, they explained in ‘The Summer Program’.

However, the soccer player and the Colombian have still not been able to reach a legal agreement for the separation of both despite the fact that they never got married, here the issue of the little ones would be included, that is, custody, and it is that apparently he he would be harmed because he would be breaching the agreement by appearing with Clara in public.

We have never seen her so devastated, is the image of desolation, tries to appear normal but fails. She is also thinner, it is evident that all this is taking its toll on her, ”they added.

In the midst of this complex separation it now appears that Chía Martí would be pregnantas revealed in the entertainment program ‘Gossip No Like’, If true, this would complicate the entire legal issue for Piqué. with the children he already has with the singer.

After the disclosure of the images where they leave kissing and where Clara has a black shirt, they have assured that it would be a possible state of pregnancy. However, the information may be corroborated over the months.

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