Shakira receives the love of her fans in Barcelona and greets them with a big smile

Shakira recorded a video clip with Ozuna.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Shakira was in Barcelona recording a new video clip with Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Ozuna and the fans of the Colombian did not miss the opportunity to approach the place where the video was being shot to greet the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’.

In a video posted by Shakira on her Instagram account, the singer’s fans are seen waiting for her while she gets out of a truck and greets them with lots of love and a big smile on her face, while they scream. “Shakira, Shakira” intoned the many people who were in the place, at dusk.

“Thank you for accompanying me all night with your smiles, affection and effusion”, Shakira wrote to accompany the video that already has more than a million likes on Instagram.

In another video published by the interpreter, she is seen hugging Ozuna on the recording set and she dedicated a message to the artist recognized for songs like “Keep dancing” and “Adicto”: “Ozu! You are a champion how you endured the many hours of continuous filming. A pleasure working with you!!! You deserve the success you have achieved!!” the Colombian told him. “Love you my shak The Queen of the world @shakira”, Ozuna replied in the comments of this publication.

Likewise, after arriving in Spain Ozuna dedicated a compliment to Shakira: “How beautiful you are,” the singer wrote to the Colombian through his Twitter account.

It is unknown if this song and the video clip are part of an Ozuna musical project or one of the Colombian. Much has been rumored about a new album by the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’, which has not released an album since ‘El Dorado’, in 2017, which had a live edition in 2019. Despite not having released a new album, she has released several songs, including collaborations, such as ‘Te Felicito’, ‘Don’t you worry’ and ‘Don’t Wait Up’.

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