Shakira shows off her bra, moves her breasts and announces her new show on NBC “Dancing With Myself”

Shakira premieres new show called "Dancing With Myself".

Shakira premieres new show called “Dancing With Myself”.

Photo: Luke Walker. /Getty Images

After being one of the strongest judges in The Voicenow Shakira returns in a very similar format but, instead of singing, this is of dance. Is about her new show “Dancing With Myself” from NBC and for this she was seen dancing and showing her bra Instagram.

Shakira’s new show opens on May 31 and so the Colombian celebrated it on Instagram at move the chest with her typical sternum showing the bra that she popularized with “Whenever, Wherever“. Now he will be the main figure in “Dancing With Myself” of the chain NBCwhere many will fight to win a dance competition.

addition to Shakira will accompany her Nick Jonas, with whom he has previously worked. They will also be by your side liz koshy Y camille kostek. The idea is that they always have challenges made by expert dancers and even special guests. The contestants of the show must imitate them. It will also be a new challenge every week, depending on what people are trying to do on social media at the time. That is, the sustenance ofDancing With Myself” will be the “challenges” of TikTok. It should be noted that, Shakira She is also an executive producer of the show, thus becoming one of the latin women strongest in the industry ango del entertainment.

The contestants will have very little time to learn the dance challenge, and then present them in a studio before Shakira and the other judges. Remember that these will also create routines. Both vote: the audience and the judges. They’ll also have knockout rounds, but it’s up to the studio audience to decide who goes home as the winner of “Dancing With Myself“.

The time is at 10 pm ET/PT and will be seen by NBC, but many platforms will have it the next day: Sky TV and Now TV. Also where found on NBC as FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and Youtube TV.

For now we leave you the success of Shakirawhere she also appeared very sexy also at 45 years old, along with the Puerto Rican Raww Alexander and the theme “I congratulate you“. Same as it has so many millions of views on Youtube.

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