Shakira bruised after a surfing practice accident in Costa Rica

Shakira braves a surfing accident in Costa Rica, maintaining positivity amid her passion for sports post-Piqué breakup.

Shakira took advantage of her latest collaboration with singer Manuel Turizo, premiering “Copa Vacía,” and decided to stay a few days in Costa Rica to have a vacation with her two sons, Milan and Sasha, where she took the opportunity to practice her favorite sport: surfing.

Shakira has an accident while surfing.

The Colombian artist was captured while surfing. However, while trying to master the waves, she suffered an accident. She slipped off her board. In the images that came to light, the singer can receive support from the instructors. When she got out of the water, it was observed that she had a bruise on her leg.

Shakira kept a good attitude and wore a helmet to prevent any kind of accident.

In the video, you can see that it was a strong blow, as you can see how she grabs her head in pain.

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Shakira loves sports and surfing

Shakira has demonstrated her fascination for sports over the years, as she has not only practiced surfing but is equally good at skating, boxing, tennis, swimming, and Arabian dance. But in recent months, she has taken refuge in that sport after her breakup with former footballer Gerard Piqué.

In 2020 she shared her progress through a video she uploaded on her networks surfing at the Wavegarden headquarters in Spain.