Shakira teaches how to sensually move her hips at 45

Shakira continues to demonstrate why her hips do not lie, because her 45 years old He still has where to move his spectacular body.

It is well known that the Colombian is considered one of the most important dancers of all time, imposing her own stamp on each of the choreographies that she shows in her music videos.

After causing even men to move to the rhythm of “Te Felicito”, the Colombian woman now teaches how to move her hips to the rhythm of Whenever Wherever.

The Colombian shows why her hips don’t lie

As part of the promotion of the American program dancing with myselfthe legendary singer has been uploading dance challenges on her social networks, however it is difficult to keep track of her.

This time the Colombian share the tutorial on how to move the hips to the rhythm of Whenever Whereverone of his most emblematic songs that was released in the early 2000s.

As expected, Internet users praised Shaki’s hypnotic movements, who despite being 45 years old, still shows that her hips do not lie.

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shakira best songs

“Don’t You Worry” It was released on June 17 and also had the participation of the Black Eyed Peas with Dj David Getta, who take advantage of the fact that the Colombian took over the entertainment news to launch this song.

The Colombian also positions herself with “Congratulations” as one of the most popular songs on the internet, in addition to its endearing classics such as “Torture”, “January Day”, “No”among others.

shakira best songs

Shakira Meanwhile, he assures that he has already finished recording his album, which is expected to be released at the end of the year along with the announcement of a world tour.

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