Shakira’s father is hospitalized in an emergency, the singer looks devastated

Shakira once again she looks anguished on the streets, however this time it would not be because of the problems of her separation with Piquebut because of the state of health of his father.

Mr William Mebarakfather of the singer, would have suffered a fall last month, an action that has led him to require therapy and a fairly complex healing process.

Hence, in recent days the singer has been captured devastated by Barcelona, ​​​​because her problems at the moment are not only of the heart, but also due to family concern.

The singer’s father enters the emergency hospital

depending on the medium “The fat and the skinny”program with entertainment news, the father of the legendary singer would have been re-admitted to the hospital on the afternoon of this Wednesday.

Although at the moment it is not known for sure if it is a relapse or a routine visit, the truth is that the singer has been captured with pretty sad face.

The singer’s father enters the emergency hospital What happened to Shakira’s father?

The fans of the Colombian have sent her words of encouragement and their best vibes, because they are aware of how much the value of the family means to her.

The colombian He has kept this issue in total secrecy, however on his social networks he has received thousands of expressions of affection.

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What happened to Shakira’s father?

What happened to Shakira’s father?

When one weekend after the imminent separation between the singer and the soccer player was announced, the Spanish press published an article where they apparently indicated that Shaki He had suffered an anxiety crisis.

Between rumors and constant accusationsthe singer indicated in her networks that the one who was actually transferred by ambulance was her father, since he would have suffered a spectacular fall.

Even Shakira He has shared the entire recovery process of his father, which is why his followers have expressed prayers and the best vibes for his speedy recovery.

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