Shakira’s father would be hospitalized again, according to El Gordo y La Flaca

William Mebarak and his daughter, Shakira.

William Mebarak and his daughter, Shakira.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. /Getty Images

after making himself known the news of separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué, it became known that an ambulance had gone to the house of the famous in Barcelona. She herself went to the house to look for the father of the Colombian, William Mebarak, which had suffered a heavy fall. now it seems that The man was admitted to a hospital, according to the Univision program, El Gordo y La Flaca.

In the midst of the media turmoil that has meant the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piquéthe singer posted on her account Instagram a video a few weeks ago where he is seen helping his dad to read. Now it is known that supposedly 90-year-old William Mebarak was admitted to an emergency hospitalas they said in The fat and the skinny.

When the photos of Shakira getting into an ambulance, it was thought that it had been an anxiety attack caused by the controversy with Gerard Piqué. She herself clarified later through a statement that her father had fallen and that he had had to be transferred. She also said that she was recovering at home.

However, the reporter The fat and the skinny, Tanya CharlieHe said a few weeks ago that Shakira She was very worried about Dad’s health and that it had really affected her. All this added to the media pressure that she has had with the separation, the rumors of infidelity of Gerard Piqué and the accusation by the Treasury for allegedly having committed tax fraud in Spain. Without a doubt, the interpreter of “Eyes like that“It hasn’t been easy at all.

All this without mentioning that the singer had to face an unexpected visit from a stalker who wrote her a proposal on the floor. He himself said that he came from Russia and that he wanted to marry her. it was learned that Shakira He was not at home, but when he arrived he went with his brother directly to the police to file the corresponding complaint.

On the other hand, it has also had to face the accusations against the supposed lover that Gerard Piqué would have. The Mamarrazis say that he met again with a “special friend” and that, although they do not know the nature of the relationship, the player of the FC Barcelona He is very protective of her.

During the weekend, Pique he was the victim of a fan who asked him for a photograph. He refused and she posted a picture of him together with a blonde. However, many have already confirmed that she is not her supposed lover but an assistant to the congress where the athlete was.

The good news for Shakira is that their musical successes continue to garner numbers of reproductions on different digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and Youtube. Here we leave the last song of the singer with black Eyed Peas Y David Guetta titled “Don’t You Worry“.

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