Shameful: Mexico lost Gold Cup title to starless United States

With a goal in the 116th minute of extra time and with an unusual team, the United States managed to win against Mexico with a result of 1-0 and snatched the Gold Cup title.

The meeting was framed by the good opportunities but the lousy definition of both nights. Also highlighting that The United States did not compete with its starting team, and managed to beat Tri with an eleven without stars.

First time

Mexico took to the field with its traditional black clothing, while the stars and stripes set wore white flannel and blue shorts.

The party in charge of the head judge, Honduran Said Martínez started intense from its first minutes. Without a doubt, a match worthy of a Cocacaf final.

It was barely the second minute of the game when Mexico generated the first controversy for an alleged penalty on Funes Mori that the referee did not whistle.

At minute nine of the match El Tri was slightly higher. They found more spaces to reach the area but the American defense was compacted effectively.

The first chance to score came in the 11th minute of the game. Funes Mori finished head towards the goal of the United States, but the goalkeeper Matt Turner muffled the goal call.

The United States had its first strong appearance at minute 25, when Paul Arreola forgave an error in the departure of Edson Álvarez and sent the ball straight to the post.

When the first half hour of the game arrives Mexico was still the team that attacked the most in the match, although the Americans were not far behind, making an incredible match.

Funes Mori was the key piece of Mexico during the first half, and in minute 31 a game was sent, that if it had not been for the goalkeeper’s expertise, El Tri would have scored the first goal.

At 37 ′ he tried again with a right leg rifle, but again Turner maintained parity on the scoreboard, for the benefit of the United States.

Hector Moreno from Club Monterrey had to withdraw from the game due to muscle injury, and was replaced by Carlos Salcedo.

At minute 45 Álvarez also had it close when he sent a shot to the goal from the border of the United States area. The palón passed close to the goal guarded by Turner

The first half was played until minute 50, because at the end of regulation time the main added five extra minutes, where neither of the opponents was hurt.

Second time

The second half started without modifications in the equipment and with the same strategy for both nights, go out and attack.

As in the first time Mexico was the first to generate the scoring opportunity. Héctor Herrera tried to make a pair of scissors and couldn’t hit him as he wanted.

What came to 49 ‘was a heart attack. Oberlin Pineda received a ball inside the area, and after faking he shot the ball but it was deflected.

Mexico seized the rival area and continued to create dangerous opportunities for the United States. Until minute 52 ‘he insisted, but without being able to specify.

In an oversight of Tri, at 61 ′ the set of stars and stripes almost left the Mexican defense in a bad waya after a backlash.

At minute 70 the attack of the Aztecs began to fade and The United States began to gain spaces. The failures in the definition were frustrating the Mexican team.

The game of the Mexicans was bruzco and at 71 ′ Héctor Herrera was admonished with a yellow card for a reckless and untimely tackle.

In an attempt to refresh the team, Tata Martino made two changes at minute 75 ′. He left Oberlin Pineda and Jonathan Dos Santos and they entered Erick Gutiérrez and Rodolfo Pizarro.

In the 80 ‘the domain was even without greater chances of scoring. Mexico proposed but his game it was clouded by poor definition.

The match reached the 90th minute with the same score that it started with, and the main judge Said Martínez allowed an additional three minutes, where there was no harm either.

Extra time

El Tri started overtime with the substitution of Jesús Manuel Corona by Osvaldo Rodríguez to improve the Mexican attack.

At 95 ′ The United States had a good chance of danger but it did not reach it either to achieve the goal and the match remained uncertain for both rivals.

For the second part of the extension they were changed Rogelio Funes Mori and Carlos Salcedo by Gilberto Sepúlveda and Alan Pulido.

The glory for the American team would arrive at minute 116. Talavera makes a mistake at the start and the United States put the first with minutes from the end. Result that gave the victory to the set of the stars and stripes.

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