Shawn Mendes conquers in his new facet as a model for Tommy Hilfiger

Through their social networks, Shawn Mendez announced that he is joining forces with the Tommy Hilfiger brand, in a new sustainable and ecological launch “Classics Reborn”, where he surprises by showing his facet as model.

The singer shows that he returned to show business with many projects, after staying away, preparing new music and overcoming his breakup with singer Camila Cabello.

In AmericanPost.News We let you know that at the beginning of the year, Shawn Mendes confessed on social networks that he was “having a difficult time.”

Shawn Mendes as a model

The singer Shawn Mendes left little to the imagination, as the new image of the renowned brand Tommy Hilfiger.

For its part, the brand showed a preview of the summer 2022 collaboration, which bears the name of “1985 Program”.

“Tommy and the iconic brand he built has always inspired me and I am excited to share this journey together with my fans,” said the singer.

Shawn Mendes on Instagram

The singer will launch a collection with Tommy Hilfiger.

For his part, the ex of the singer Shawn Mendes, showed some advances through his official Instagram account, surprising by showing a very sexy facet.

The singer wears a half-buttoned shirt and low-rise jeans that reveal the waistband of his underwear with the brand name, where he also shows off his abs.

Similarly, Shawn Mendezrevealed that together with the Tommy Hilfiger brand they will design a collection for spring 2023 that will launch designs with new and recycled materials.

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