She begged for alms on the street and became a millionaire after winning the lottery

Tremendous stroke of luck that has had a woman from Alicante, Spain, which had not had a very easy life to say, well until not long ago he begged for alms in the streets of his city, a reality that changed radically after winning a millionaire lottery prize.

The website indicated that the lucky winner dedicated herself to begging on the street, something that she no longer needs to do after winning the first prize in a lottery called Bonoloto.

The woman matched all 6 numbers, with which won a prize equivalent to $1.4 million dollars.

Mariángeles Torregrosa and Desirée Agorreta are the owners of the lottery stall that sold the winning ticket. They were the ones who made known more about the fortune that this woman had, that if she lived on the street now her economic problems would have been solved.

According to the owners of the business, the winner, whose name was not revealed, is a neighbor of the neighborhood, comes from a gypsy ethnic group and is known by the locals because she asked for money at the doors of a bank and a supermarket that are right in front of the tobacconist. of lottery

“He came yesterday (this Thursday) and told us that we had solved his life. We have made someone happy that everyone loved in the neighborhood. The woman had debts and economic problems, ”said the sellers of the winning lottery ticket.

“(The winner) came every day, around 9 in the morning, and worked a day until 2 p.m. begging. She sat between the supermarket and the bank, in front of the branch. When she finished, she would come and tell me: ‘Baby, I’m here.’ She always took Bonoloto and Primitiva, not Euromillion because he was very expensive”.

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