She discovers that she is not her daughter after doing a DNA test to prove to her husband that she was not unfaithful

The man, with the firm intention of reaching the ultimate consequences, requested a test for himself and his daughter.

Photo: Robert King/Getty Images

As if it were a real soap opera, a story quickly went viral on social networks thanks to a screenshot in which a woman requests the support of Internet users.

And it is that through a forum, the female who remains anonymous decided to open her heart and tell at the crossroads where she finds herself after wanting prove to her husband that she was not unfaithful.

It all started with a help message: “I just want my family to return to normal”, wrote to make it known that a short time ago her husband confronted her and accused her of being unfaithful; She even questioned her paternity of the 5-year-old girl they both have in common.

The man, with the firm intention of reaching the ultimate consequences, requested for himself and his daughter a test to see if they had the same blood. The result was negative, so the woman was shocked, since she swore that she had never failed her partner.

However, she also requested a DNA test and there she discovered the worst, because it was also negative, that is, she is not the mother of her daughter.

“We did the paternity blood test for him, myself and our daughter. We had an appointment with a specialist, but it got canceled because, well, some of you guessed it: my daughter is not biologically mine either”, He told in the story that has caused many reactions and comments.

“I have been sleeping in my daughter’s room and I am so scared that they will take her away from me, but at the same time I want to know where my biological daughter is and if she is okay. I pray to God that she is well, ”she added about what she is experiencing right now.

The woman and her husband have gone to the authorities to find out what happened to their biological daughter; however, they do not want the person who now lives with them to be taken away from them.

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