She has a daughter: the popular VTuber Shiobuki Asuka reveals she is a “single mother”

VTuber, Shiobuki Asuka, trended for a shocking news about her personal life. Her fans reacted online.

Kudasai reported that popular VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) Shiobuki Asuka, known for her activities in video games and erotic ASMR recordings, released a message that shocked her fan community: she is a single mother with a daughter in elementary school.

Artist Shibakame made Asuka’s design as a Virtual YouTuber. Her recent revelation became trending on social media, as she received much support from her online fans.

Shiobuki Asuka opens up to her fans.

Image: Virtual YouTuber “Shiobuki Asuka”

Asuka commented, “Huh? What’s wrong with being a VTuber and having children? Why do you feel sorry for the children? Sometimes you can indeed cause your kids to feel lonely. But that happens with any job, not just VTubers, right?”

She continued, “So on your days off or in your free time, dedicate yourself to your family. (…) Being a VTuber is a job for me. Of course, I’m aware that I make you feel lonely, but I think that’s true of any job.”

The Virtual YouTuber added: “I’ve talked about this with my daughter. I know there are a lot of opinions, but I am actively working. My daughter and other viewers are supportive, so I must do my best. Thank you all (…) I don’t see why the work matters as long as you make money.”

Asuka said, “I think this kind of part-time job pays relatively little per hour, but I like it because I can do it at my own pace from the comfort of my home. The amount of money you make in streaming… Sometimes I made hundreds of thousands of yen a month, but that’s going down.”

What do the Japanese think about VTubers?

Japanese people idealize Virtual YouTubers and practically put them on pedestals as “saints.” The idea of having a partner, let alone children, seems “inconceivable” to some. This was not the case for Shiobuki Asuka, and you can check it out below:

“I think it would become a problem if, for example, you ignored your child’s cries for prioritizing your VTuber work.”

Other comments from fans were: “It’s totally fine. You’re at home, so if something happens, you can see your kids right away,” “I think being a VTuber is the perfect job for a single woman with kids.”

They added: “If there’s a problem with your kids, you can take care of them immediately. No one will know your face, and no one will know your real name. There will be no threats to them or intimidation.”

On the other hand, American Post News reported earlier that the popularity of Virtual YouTubers is so much that even the artist of Goblin Slayer will launch a manga series of VTubers.