She helped her best friend give birth without knowing that the baby was her husband’s

The story told on TikTok by a user from Wickenburg, Arizona named Hailey Custer has gone viral and it has been replicated even by international media since it seems to have been taken from a soap opera or fiction film.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Custer, 28, She was the victim of the worst betrayal: her husband was unfaithful to her with her best friend and they both had a child.

For many years, Hailey thought she had the perfect marriage with Travis Bowling, 36, with whom she had 4 children.

But that idea fell apart when her best friend (whose identity she preferred not to reveal) was going to give birth to a baby of which, she always told her that it was the product of an adventure and therefore, she would raise it herself.

Hailey was always by her friend’s side during pregnancy and even the day of delivery, where she entered the operating room to help her with the arrival of her baby; without ever imagining what he would discover that same day.

It turns out that upon receiving her friend’s baby, She noticed that the newborn had a congenital defect in his neck, just like the one her husband Travis had.

This caused Custer to make all kinds of conjectures and suspicions of infidelity came to mind, so without thinking, she confronted her husband, who ended up confessing that Indeed, she had been unfaithful to her best friend and that he was the father of the baby. And not only that, he ended up telling her that he had cheated on her with up to 30 other women throughout their marriage.

A life of addictions

Custer lived in his youth many problems due to his drug addiction, which she overcame after getting pregnant for the first time. She wanted to do the same with her friend, because she had the same problems.

So she decided to accompany her throughout her pregnancy, taking her to her medical appointments, and although at some point she noticed a certain closeness between her and her husband, she never thought she was being cheated on by them.

“I am very familiar with [el defecto hereditario] because my oldest son has it, it is an additional piece of cartilage that grows on the side of his neck, “explained his transmission on TikTok.

Nevertheless, Custer sheltered her friend and her baby in her own home, knowing they had nowhere to go. “I kept thinking about my children, at the end of the day it is their blood brother and I will not be the one who causes harm to that child,” he added.

After facing both, the woman ran her husband from their home, who also fell into addiction problems again, to such an extent that on his return, he physically and sexually assaulted both women.

Finally, the woman indicated that after what happened, both are still friends since he claimed to have forgiven her from the heart. In the same way, she indicated that she gets along with her ex-husband because they have children in common and she does it for their good.

“There is no hatred in my heart for either party. My ex-husband and I have 3 children together, so I have to be a parent with him. And at the end of the day, the daughter of my now ex-best friend is the sister of my children. So I don’t have any hatred in my heart, “Custer said.

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