She is Paola, Galilea’s sister

  • We introduce you to Paola, sister of Galilea Montijo.
  • Know what his past was.
  • The great creator of controversy for the Montijo family.

Controversial sister Galilea Montijo. Galilea Montijo fans know that the host of ‘Hoy’ has a sister named Norma Paola, whose life was marked by scandals, after she spent several years in prison. Because of this, Gali’s sister has been involved in several controversies, because her past is not so good.

Next we will tell you a little about the life of the controversial sister of the driver from Guadalajara. So I invite you to see the following information that will clarify the doubts that have arisen regarding Paola, who has the super close relationship with Gali.

Family problems? All for the sister

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The life of the famous driver is something that has given much to talk about, and it is that among rumors of her beginnings in the artistic world it is said that she was an exotic dancer for some time, however this information has been denied by her. Today we tell you about a member of his family who is just as controversial.

It is about his sister Paola, who has gone through bad times that have marked Gali’s family. One of them was when she was behind bars after being convicted of drug possession, it is known that this woman is called Norma Paola Caudillo and she prefers not to appear in front of cameras or have the media take photographs of her

She is Paola, the controversial sister of Galilea Montijo

Controversial sister Galilea Montijo
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A few months ago, the followers of the ‘Hoy’ program recalled the dark past of Paola, Galilea Montijo’s sister who spent several years under pressure. In the 2000s Norma was arrested, accused of possessing illegal drugs and the event had a great repercussion.

Then in 2005, while Montijo was conducting ‘Dancing for a Dream’, he publicly told that his sister had left the women’s prison in Guadalajara, expressing: “Good people have their reward and are finally free”, as reported by an entertainment magazine. Some time later, an ex-boyfriend of Norma once again placed her in the controversy when he publicly accused her of having problems with alcohol, an attitude that was reproached by many people, who claimed that the young man was seeking fame.

This is the past of Paola Caudillo

Controversial sister Galilea Montijo
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Controversial sister Galilea Montijo. He was originally sentenced to 5 years, however a legal solution was reached earlier. It was said that Paola did not want to get out of prison because she was in love, however this turned out to be false. Galilea in the reality show ‘Dancing for a dream’, At that time, she spoke about her sister’s situation and warned that her time in prison had been lengthened by a series of lawyers and people who were only looking for her money.

At that time the driver assured that she would go against whoever had to go to help her sister and was concerned about the situation. On the other hand, in 2011 the medium TvNotas interviewed Paola’s ex-partner, who accused her of being drunk and irresponsible. In that interview, Isaís warned that since Paola got out of jail she presented this problem, in addition to not talking much about her time in prison.

Thus ended his bad time, he leaves prison. Controversial sister Galilea Montijo

Thus ended his bad time, he leaves prison.  Controversial sister Galilea Montijo
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After spending some time in the women’s prison in Guadalajara, Paola completely disappeared from the public life of the driver. For her part, Montijo also stopped talking about the issue and the media stopped questioning her about it.

Norma Paola Caudillo spent three years in jail and during this time Gali avoided talking about the issue. He was charged with possession of drugs and according to Galilea at the time, the news caught his mother by surprise. On their departure, Galilea did not touch the subject any more and was grateful to have her with them again.

Galilea Montijo and his sister’s relationship has become estranged

Galilea Montijo and his sister's relationship has become estranged
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Apparently the relationship between the two has distanced, because the famous driver is not seen with her on social networks and even once criticism rained down on Instagram for a photograph she shared next to the model Santa Igaune where she called her “his twin sister”. Gali had to block the comments because many reminded him that he “had a blood sister” and asked about her.

Perhaps Gali no longer wants to remember absolutely anything about his sister’s past and therefore has decided to avoid comments that are related to her and the horrible event that involved her in a great controversy that made her disappear completely from the media.

Problems rain down in the life of the driver from Guadalajara

Problems rain down in the life of the driver from Guadalajara
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Controversial sister Galilea Montijo. The last few days have been intense for the Mexican who has been linked to Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, a fugitive from justice, due to the relationship they had and the apparent business they would have with Galilea Montijo and her partner, who recently resigned from a public office in the government of Mexico and ensures that they plan to ‘escape’ before they are the next celebrities in the crosshairs of the country’s authorities.

After the death of his father with whom he was not close, his contagion by COVID and the consequences that it brought him, his hypertensive disease that he will have for life, his close relationship with Inés Gómez Mont, the resignation of her husband from a position public and the rumors of his dismissal in ‘Hoy’, the driver is full of problems after problems.

Curiosity arises if Galilea Montijo leaves or not from the ‘Hoy’ program

Curiosity arises if Galilea Montijo leaves or not from the 'Hoy' program
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A wave of rumors is unleashed that assure that the Mexican Galilea Montijo is in very poor health, after her thousands of fans noticed her absence on the morning show “Hoy”, which many believed would be replaced by the former TV host Azteca, Tania Rincón.

It was last Monday, October 11, when many of the viewers were surprised to note that the host Galilea Montijo was not in the broadcast of the program that day, and the rumors of a possible exit intensified even more when they saw Tania Rincón as conductive.

Galilea Montijo confronted Inés Gómez in this way. Controversial sister Galilea Montijo

Galilea Montijo confronted Inés Gómez in this way.  Controversial sister Galilea Montijo
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The host of ‘Hoy’ rejected the recent versions in recent days, which had circulated about her possible departure from the morning and from Televisa, in the face of the scandal of supposedly linking her with Inés Gómez Mont, with whom she has a friendship of many years and who is on the run of justice for alleged money laundering and links with drug trafficking.

Despite sharing vacations and being friends for several years, Galilea Montijo remains outside the indictment for the crimes of embezzlement, organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin against Inés. Gali only asked her friend to face justice with legal resources. Filed Under: Controversial Sister Galilea Montijo.

The driver from Guadalajara clarifies the rumors after her departure from ‘Hoy’

  clarifies the rumors after his departure from 'Hoy'
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In a meeting with the press, the 48-year-old host faced the incessant rumors and next to the producer of ‘Hoy’ confirmed that she will continue to be part of the program: It is said, it is rumored, you know, friends of top executives say that I am leaving the program. It’s not true, ”he said.

For the moment Gali stays, Andrea Legarreta stays, stays the black, Tania stays, Escalona stays, Paul stays, and also, for the moment, I’m staying, ”the producer finished with a laugh. EFE. On the occasion, Galilea pushed back the rumors and shared with his Instagram followers exclusive images that he took during the international awards gala, which is why he could not return in time on the program.

Galilea Montijo was linked as the “lady of the narco”

  it was linked as the
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According to Milenio, the host of the Televisa program Hoy, once again is involved in controversy, because Guadalajara was lovingly linked to a drug trafficker, as reported by Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who took up what was written in the book ‘Emma and the other ladies del narco ‘by Anabel Hernández.

According to what is written in the book, Galilea Montijo allegedly had a love affair with Arturo Beltrán Leyva, better known as ‘El Barbas’. Likewise, according to what was reported about Anabel Hernández’s book, Galilea Montijo helped the leader of the Beltrán Leyva cartel when he was imprisoned. After the controversial statements, the tapatia reacted and assured that it will take legal action.

Despite the tough situations Gali has made great strides in her career as a television presenter

Despite the tough situations Gali has made great strides in her career as a television presenter
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It should be mentioned that Galilea Montijo has not only managed to succeed on the small screen, but has also positioned herself as one of the most popular and influential Mexican artists on Instagram, where she currently has more than 9.3 million followers. Well, he shares with them his day to day through his personal account.

Years go by and Guadalajara continues to be one of the greatest references of the morning of the Televisa company, one of the most watched programs by Mexican families, however few people know about his sister’s dark secret, a situation that we reveal to you in this article. Filed as; Controversial sister Galilea Montijo.

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