She jumps from a third floor to discover her husband in full infidelity

Find out that you are the victim of an infidelity it can be a hard hit, And for some people it is usually devastating, to such a degree that there are those who think that life loses meaning if one is not next to the loved one, despite the fact that the feeling is not reciprocal.

An example of this is the dramatic scene starring a woman and which was shared by a Reddit user, who showed in his post on said forum how he allegedly attacked her integrity, after confirming that her husband was cheating on her.

According to the user who shared the story, a neighbor of the building across the street began to hear some screams and when he looked out the window, he came across the dramatic scene of a woman arguing heatedly with who supposedly her husband is. The neighbor took his phone and started recording them.

The woman, desperate and at the same time disappointed after discover her husband in full infidelity, it was easy for him to get out one of the windows. In the recording you can see the man, with a naked torso, trying to hold her to prevent her from falling; however, the woman drops her hands and ends up falling into the abyss.

In the recording you can see how the woman first hits a metal structure before falling to the ground. Despite the dramatic nature of the scene, which apparently occurred somewhere in Asia due to the typography of some businesses, it can be seen that he fell alive, since you can see the moment when he moves one of his hands to try to cover her legs with the dress she is wearing.

(Reddit screenshot)

The story soon went viral on the networks, generating a whole debate around it. Some users regretted the drastic decision made by the woman, while others invited the infidels to reflect on their actions, thinking about the damage they do to their partners.

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