“She left me alive” Enrique Guzmán was in love all his life with Rocío Dúrcal

The couple starred in the movie ‘Acompáñame’ in 1966 Photo: File

Enrique Guzmán is celebrating his 79th birthday, age at which he arrives in good health, got his three doses of the vaccine to protect himself against COVID, has a tour pending where he will sing all his successful songs, and he finds himself in the company of his family.

The rock and roll veteran was invited to the program Hoy, where he revealed that he has been in love all his life with Rocío Dúrcal, the well-remembered Spanish singer who died in 2006 and with whom she shared on the stage in the 1960s, with songs like Acompáñame which came off a movie starring both celebrities.

Despite the fact that he has had a marital relationship for 32 years with Mrs. Rosalba Wélter, the interpreter of El rock de la cárcel confessed that he fell deeply in love in his youth with the so-called “the most Mexican Spanish”, but she never paid attention to him, because she was also married.

Enrique Guzman
Photo: Facebook – Enrique Guzmán

While he was honored with some video fragments about his career, he talked about his relationship with Dúrcal, with whom he was able to sing repeatedly, and with whom he formed a close friendship which basically was infatuation on his part.

That left me alive” said about the 1966 video with the theme Acompáñame. “All my life I was in love with her, but she didn’t want to... Some of my talent was lost along the way, but by not having that romantic union we made a great friendship, that never changes –you when you fight with your beau, you never see him again- and she never fought with me , because we were never more than friends…”

“With everything and that I caused jealousy or ‘fuzz’ to her husband. She said ‘my husband has a lot of fluff with you’. But we were friends until the end, I arrived in Madrid and she guessed that I was there. Of course, we went on a spree all our lives, if I wanted to go to flamenco, let’s go wherever you want, because she loved the party just like me,” recalled Alejandra Guzmán‘s father.

Photo: Hoy / Las Estrellas – screenshot.

In the same broadcast, the person born in Caracas, Venezuela, on February 1, 1943, was presented with an image where he appears singing with Angélica María at the piano with Armando Manzanero. Facing the clip of the singer, Guzmán exclaimed:

“Not yet that one, it hasn’t gone away yet, it’s still missing. My wife will surely give me permission”, jokingly and to the laughter of the drivers.

Later in the program, Enrique received a call from Angélica María, who hinted that indeed there would have been an affair between them. “I hooked him up and we were friends”, although she clarified that their courtship was innocent because the two were “very young. He used to kiss me, and he was going to take it out on the other girls and I wasn’t counting on that.”

Later, Guzmán assured that: “the truth is that the only woman I have loved in my life was my mother, not so much.”

After Guzmán participated with Rocío Dúrcal in the aforementioned film, where between cuddling and furtive kisses the beginning of a friendship was forged, the Spanish woman married Junior in 1970, while the pioneer of rock and roll in Spanish had already married Silvia Pinal, a little more than ten years older than him, Luis Buñuel’s favorite actress in Mexico and with whom he shot his award-winning film Viridiana.

She was thirty-six years old and he was twenty-five when they reached the altar. They had two children: Alejandra and Luís Enrique, and according to Pinal in her book, they divorced in 1976 due to Guzmán’s mistreatment and blows towards her.