She rides her male Carin León and says no to a duet with Christian Nodal

One more time Carin Leon monopolizes the spotlight after sharing with his fans all the plans he has to continue in the public’s taste, hence they remembered him when He said no to a duet with Christian Nodal.

A few days ago the singer-songwriter received major recognition that enhanced his music, creating a buzz with an interview he gave to the media, where he opened up about work with the famous Mariacheño.

In a short time Carín León has managed to conquer the public of the Mexican Regional, and it is that she has a unique and peculiar style with which she keeps her followers attentive to everything she does.

Since its inception it has proven to be a young creative and innovativebecause he likes to make different music, to convert a very special touch with his tone and style of singing.

This time the exponent of the band said that he does a duet with friends, maintaining his position of not collaborating with Christian Nodal, since ensures that there is no interest by neither of them.

I think we’re fine, I have no need. It’s not in my plans, I know it’s not in his plans, duets are no longer for business, I do duets with friends, said Carin León.

With these statements, Carin León unleashed a wave of comments, among which the most favorable stand out, since she has the unconditional support of her entire audience, who applaud her talent inside the music.

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Surely the words that the Sonoran said reached the ears of Belinda’s boyfriend, who has been extremely successful when it comes to releasing new music. Such is the case of the collaboration he did with Banda MS, singing ‘La sinvergüenza’ together, a song that already has millions of views, as it was an overwhelming success.

Carín León made it clear that the music business has changed over the years and now more duets are performed for friendship than for money, so his collaborations have been with people of his interest.

So for now the fans of Nodal and Carín will not join forces to support them, since they assure that for the time being they are not in their plans doing a joint issue.