She takes her boyfriend lunch to work and discovers that he is cheating on her with an office colleague

A woman originally from Caracas, Venezuela, and who is a TikTok user, has gone viral after telling the worst story she has ever experienced in her life: She wanted to give her boyfriend a nice surprise, but she was surprised when she found out that he was unfaithful.

the tiktoker Cristina Mejia A few days ago, she published a video in which she narrated how she found out that her ex was cheating on her with a co-worker.

It turns out that Mejía wanted to have a detail with his partner, so it occurred to him that he would prepare a delicious lunch, which he would take to his work, in order to surprise him and show him how much he loved him.

But Upon arriving at the office, she discovered him in a compromising situation with one of her co-workers..


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The video shows the WhatsApp conversation that they had after the incident. “Don’t misunderstand things. She is a co-worker”, reads the messages he sent.

The post soon went viral and garnered millions of views.

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