She was drunk? In networks they remember Itatí Cantoral singing “La Guadalupana”

It is already customary that each night before December 12 festivities, the name of Itatí Cantoral become a trend on social media.

The actress and singer has been for years the television and media icon of social networks related to the “Mañanitas “to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

His run-down version of “La Guadalupana” has been replicated by Internet users, who still wonder what happened that night in December.

The story behind “La Guadalupana” by Itatí Cantoral

“From the sky a beautiful morning, From the sky a beautiful morning, the guadalupana, the guadalupana, the guadalupana went down to Tepeyac”, if you sang the song with the Itatí version let me tell you that you are in the right place.

In 2016, the actress starred in the program that Televisa makes for “Las Mañanitas” to the Virgin of Guadalupe, however her version was overshadowed by her peculiar style, leading to believe that she appeared drunk at the Basilica.

“How am I going to go drink to a church? It seems stupid to me and sing the ‘Mañanitas’ to the Virgin. I think I didn’t sing well, it was badly done because we had no where to rehearse and well, between my faith and so on, I should not have done it publicly, but there is nothing I can say that it was taken, “said the actress in a past interview with Adela Micha.

Ending the myth of if i was drunk or not, your version of “The Guadalupana” It is the most remembered at this time, taking with humor a moment that in Itatí’s head sounded great.

Memes of Itatí Cantoral singing “La Guadalupana”

Memes of Itatí Cantoral singing “La Guadalupana”

The memes They could not be absent, year after year the video of his presentation is accompanied by jokes alluding to his peculiar version.

Memes of Itatí Cantoral singing “La Guadalupana”

“December 2021 barely started, and I already came to listen to this little gem”, “Don’t miss out on this beautiful custom of coming every year to remember this video. More in this 2021”, “Hahahahahahaha every time I’m sad and depressed, I see this and it passes me “, are some of the comments that haunt social networks.

Own Itatí Cantoral made a new version of “La Guadalupana”, proud to be taken as inspiration to create hundreds of memes in the celebrations of the Virgin.

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