She was successful on Aztec TV as a host, but ended up in decline

This woman was one of the best drivers in the history of Mexicobut now she is not experiencing one of the best seasons of her life or her career, because just a year ago she confessed that she would like to go back to work, but unfortunately no one wants to hire her because of her age and physical condition.

That is why the first months of the pandemic she and his son Segio Peña had a very bad timebut he got a job and became the breadwinner of the family.

It was at that time that the famous Alby Casado urged the media to give him a chance, but apparently everything was in vain and now he lives in decline.

The driver’s message

After the pandemic, the famous Alby Casado expressed: “We don’t always live in luxury. People are wrong, media personalities don’t live a golden life, I wasn’t born in a golden cradle, definitely not. Right now I’m angry because I’m not doing anything and I don’t know how to be doing anything.”

He also completed by saying: “You reach an age where you get wrinkles, in addition to disability, I use a cane and they don’t give you a job, if I ask for voice work, I have it perfect, yes I want to continue doing things, I would love to do radio” .

It should be noted that currently not much is known about her or if she has gotten a job, so people and the few fans she had still do not know how she is doing, since she does not use her social networks much either.

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Who is Alby Married?

If we remember, Alby Casado led the program “A Todo Dar” together with his brother Juan José, in which two dances emerged that are still remembered and danced by some today: “La Pelusa” and “El Meneíto”.

Between 1991 and 1992 they were very successful, but soon Televisa competed strongly and dethroned them and Kippy Casado was cataloged as the first television host.

It should be noted that the actress and host was born in Mexico in 1939, although the exact date and the city are unknown, it is known that she was the daughter of the Cuban actor Juan José Martínez Casado, known for his participation in films such as “Malditas se las mujeres” by Juan Bustillo Oro, ‘Escándalo de estrellas’ by Ismael Rodríguez or ‘La llorona’, a film remembered because María Elena Marqués renounced her beauty to play the character

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