She was the perfect match for Eugenio Derbez’s daughter, but she changed her to Silvia Navarro

A Aislinn Derbez She has not done well in love, because even in fiction she has had too many love disappointments that have become blockbusters or hits on digital platforms, however, the daughter of Eugenio Derbez He stole everyone’s hearts in 2016 when he starred alongside Flavio Medina the movie To be or not to be where a romance was shown that everyone liked.

Even so Flavio and Asilin They met again in the second season of the house of flowers, where he shared a scene with Aislinn that took place inside a church, which caused great controversy among viewers.

However, now “the great love” of Aislinn Derbez is premiering a new romance but this time in real life with actress SIlvia Navarro.

Silvia Navarro and Flavio Medina share their love on the beach

This is how they confirmed their courtship Silvia Navarro and Flavio Medina

As we told you in AmericanPost.NewsSilvia Navarro uploaded photos where she was seen very romantically with the actor Flavio Medina confirming their courtship, so now many eyes of the entertainment news have rested on the new couple, because Navarro is one of the favorite television actresses Mexican.

However, the great secrecy that the actress has managed for her private life has caused any information about her personal life to be valuable, now everyone is excited to know what will happen to the couple.

In the photographs the couple could be seen holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes while enjoying each other’s company and the sunset on the beach, in addition to Silvia finishing the post with a “Yes, there is love here”.

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Who is Flavio Medina?

Flavio Medina is a Mexican actor born in 1978 in Mexico City known for works in theater, television and cinema.

He has appeared in multiple important audiovisual productions in recent years such as Narcos: Mexico, Cradle of Wolves, The House of Flowers, The Queen of the South, To Love Again, Murderous Women, Iron Soul, Woman Real Life Cases among others and his most recent project was the second season of Rebelwhere he played Gauss Bauman the main antagonist of said season.

Since 2006 Flavio has managed to earn his place in the world of entertainment with his extraordinary work.

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