Sherlyn’s pet bit her son on the face

  • Sherlyn confesses that her pet bit her son
  • The one-year-old boy was injured in the face
  • Followers criticize her on social media

Who had the fault? The Mexican actress, Sherlyn appears on video explaining that her pet bit her son in the face, before that the tapatia defended the behavior of the dog, this caused endless criticism and comments about it on social networks, since many interpreted that Guadalajara put his dog above his son.


It was on September 24 when it was announced that the son of the actress and singer Sherlyn had been bitten on the cheek by his dog named “La Neni”, a black Pomeranian who, after being tightly hugged by the little boy, he reacted negatively, biting part of her face.

Sherlyn’s pet bit her son in the face and followers turn against her

Sherlyn's pet bit her son in the face and followers turn against her
VIDEO: Instagram

After this, it was the same Mexican singer and actress who made this surprising news known through her Instagram account, where she reported that her one-year-old son had been bitten by her dog, and that is despite the fact that it was said that the boy loved her very much, he does not yet know how to treat the animals, stating that they should be respected.

Through the Instagram account of the Suelta la sopa program you could see part of Sherlyn’s fragment, where she narrated what had happened to her one-year-old son, in addition to commenting on what were the procedures she carried out so that the little boy’s wound André did not get infected or exposed.

Sherlyn’s pet bit her son’s cheek

Sherlyn's pet bit her son's cheek
VIDEO: Instagram

In the video, which already has more than 48,000 likes, the 35-year-old actress recounted this event, while you could see the images of how her little one’s face had been after being bitten by the actress’s pet , observing how he had a wound on the top of his face, very close to his eye.

At the beginning of the video, Sherlyn González argued the following: “I went through André and what do they think, that La Neni bit André’s cheek”, after this the singer also reported that he and his dog loved each other very much, it’s just that she didn’t she was used to dealing with children, plus she commented that her son was a bit “heavy.”

“You must understand that it cannot be intense”; Sherlyn’s dog bit her son’s cheek

"You must understand that it cannot be intense";  Sherlyn
VIDEO: Instagram

“Because André does love her very much but she is very intense, so he hugged her more and La Neni remember that she is not used to treating children alone and gave her a bite there,” Sherlyn reported when recounting how the events had happened , arguing that her pet had bitten her one-year-old after he held her very tightly.

After this, the singer also commented that her son must learn to deal with animals, since like humans they also deserve respect and not be mistreated: “André will have to understand that he cannot be so intense with La Neni, because she is a little princess ”, concluded the actress of Mexican soap operas.

Followers attack Sherlyn after her dog bit her son

Followers attack Sherlyn after her dog bit her son
VIDEO: Instagram

These last words were the ones that most resonated with the millions of followers of the Suelta la sopa program, since many netizens went against Sherlyn, since after having commented that she should be more aware, many interpreted that she She put her pet above her son: “Then you are more interested in your pet than your own child, as I understood it,” to which a follower replied that she had not meant to say that, but rather that her son should be careful with her and respect for the animals.

Another follower went to extremes and said that they should take the baby from the actress: “Wow, definitely, animals have more love for their offspring than this woman for her son, I honestly disagree totally, they should take the baby from her for careless, if I know that my dog ​​is aggressive I must be aware of my baby at 200% ”.

“You have a problem”; Followers attack Sherlyn after her dog bit her son

"You have a problem";  Followers attack Sherlyn after her dog bit her son
PHOTO: Instagram

Another follower commented that the fault had been of the actress, since she assured that she was not attentive to her son: “The fault is hers. She is the one who has to be attentive to her child “,” She has to be clear that dogs are not children “,” So does the child have to understand and engage in a certain way with an animal? that awful”.

“And if the dog kills the child you stay calm because the dog is a princess, you have a problem”, “I would have already gotten rid of that pet, first my son”, “I am not against animals, but I think They must be in their place, today it bit his face, tomorrow it could be worse and also the animal is an animal ”.

They support it; Sherlyn’s dog bit her son’s cheek

They support it;  Sherlyn's dog bit her son's cheek
PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, some followers applauded Sherlyn’s words, since they argued that children should be taught respect for animals, since they were also living beings: “Very good what Sherlyn says, we love babies, but they also have to respect animals so that when they grow up they will be good people who love animals and respect them ”.

“Children are taught to respect animals, I tell my daughter a thousand times, if you do something to the dog or whatever animal, he will react and hurt you. That is the responsibility of each father, to teach and respect, no matter how intense the children are ”,“ Bravo. Others will choose to abandon their puppies. Thank you for that great education to your baby, that when it is his turn, for a generation he will surely have the same education ”. VIDEO HERE

Francisca Lachapel shares unexpected photo of her baby Gennaro and ends in controversy

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Two months after Francisca Lachapel had a baby, her little Gennaro is now her entire life and she shows it by sharing images of the child and how she feels now that she is a new mother, however, now a recent photograph has sparked a controversy over how the child looks. infant.

Francisca Lachapel’s baby Gennaro is adored and loved by everyone and now a tremendous debate has arisen in a new image where he looks angelic and with a lot of hair posing very flirtatious and in his arms, but the comments of the people did not wait for the physical change you have had. Filed Under: Sherlyn’s Pet Bit Her Son On The Face And Fans Are Going Against Her

Francisca Lachapel’s baby is the subject of controversy

PHOTO: Instagram

Through the Instagram accounts of Francisca Lachapel and Despierta América, the controversial photograph of little Gennaro in the arms apparently of his grandmother was uploaded, staring at the camera, very serious and with a different face than his two months old. Filed Under: Sherlyn’s Pet Bit Her Son On The Face And Fans Are Going Against Her

“Look who is two months old today .. @gennarozampogna @francisca Oh my life! I am dying of love (by the way I tell you that it is a mission to make my son smile) he is a very serious little man !!! I think I need the help of @melamelazaoficial “, published the host in the description of the photo.

Very seriously, Francisca Lachapel sparked controversy over her baby

PHOTO: Instagram

In the picture he shared, baby Gennaro is very serious and cuddly in blue shorts, a gray blouse with a blue bear and his hair more grown, big dark eyes and as if he is judging who took the photo, but the comments of people were directed to whether he looked more like his father or the famous mom.

“But this is an example of Handsome, doll and precious”, “Just like daddy”, “What a beautiful little thing God bless you with your beautiful child who is so cute”, “Wow. It is the copy of his father. Blessings Prince ”,“ Beautiful identical to his father ”,“ Pure papa ”,“ What a beauty of a child ”,“ He is identical to his daddy. God bless him ”, they expressed. Filed Under: Sherlyn’s Pet Bit Her Son On The Face And Fans Are Going Against Her

Are people happy that Francisca Lachapel’s baby looks more like her husband than her?

PHOTO: Instagram

Although Francisca Lachapel’s child has dark eyes like his beautiful mother, it seems that people are happy that he has more of the physique of Francesco Zampogna than of the host of Despierta América: “That baby gets more beautiful every day, God bless you always “,” I hope you have many more babies because if your son is cute “,” He is beautiful! God bless you! Serious like dad ”.

“This beautiful good as her daddy, as they say, the mommy just put the oven”, “She is beautiful and how she looks like her Father”, “This beautiful looks like a doll”, “Congratulations to Francisca, her baby is very beautiful, I imagine that this very proud to be a mother for the first time ”,“ Many blessings to Gennaro. May God keep it that precious and healthy. It seems 6 months is quite a galan. Congratulations to your parents too ”, they commented. Filed Under: Sherlyn’s pet bit her son in the face and followers turn against her. Some images of this note come from the following video